Résidence Wijnen

Tinx-IT is helping us with the connection between Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 and Magento. Complexity in our situation is, we are having 2 websites: B2B + B2C from 1 NAV company. This is working perfect!

I am satisfied with the Magento Connector. I find it pretty easy to update and it is good to have the same information in Dynamics NAV as in Magento.

At Brdr. Friis Møbler we are very pleased with the work Tinx-IT has done for us. The integration between our Webshop http://www.brdr-friis.dk that runs on a Magento platform and our Microsoft NAV ERP system works perfectly. The system is very advanced and therefore offers all the functionality we need.

Sexy Hair

With the integration of the Magento connector for Dynamics NAV from Tinx-IT and their very capable team, we have been able to match the ongoing demand of our online customers. With our new site, we are equipped with the tools we need to provide a captivating brand experience from start to finish.

Smaakhelden / Cello

Our clients can order very easy their meals in our Magento webshop. Daily 100 orders are submitted. The Magento Connector for Dynamics NAV takes care of error-free processing of these orders.


The Magento Connector works very well, since our new B2B Magento webshop is launched, the first orders are already imported from Magento into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, The Magento Connector does its job well 🙂

Solar Century

The Tinx-IT Magento Connector including Magento B2B pricing and discount extension are the best match for Solar Century. The solution considers less maintenance and efficient.  

Plinten en Profielen Centrale

The Magento Connector is a stable and flexible solution, which we have implemented together with team Tinx-IT, and has lead to a good integration between Navision and Magento.


The integration between Magento E-commerce and Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) is going awesome with your connector solution.