28 August 2015

Let your business grow and become a Tinx-IT partner!

You’re already a Tinx-IT partner or considering becoming a partner? We can explain why a partnership is a good idea and what kind of advantages it offers you. Magento already has 39% of the global e-commerce market (Community edition + Enterprise edition). It would be superfluous to say that this is a very interesting market.

Already a partner? Expand the possibilities!

As an existing Tinx-IT partner, you are already familiar with the unlimited possibilities of the Magento connector, but after that first sale, there may not have been any additional sales opportunities. As you know, most customers don’t approach you themselves. Sometimes you need to give them a helping hand. The biggest advantage is that e-commerce is now available to your existing customer base. Draw attention to it!

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the most widely used ERP package for small and medium-sized businesses – check you database carefully and select those customers that are of interest. Send your newsletter or give them a call. You’ll notice that your customers appreciate this!
  • Work out your customer’s or customers’ case where you offered a solution and send it to them for inspiration. Also put it on your website so that you can also be found on Google.
  • Emphasize that it is a standard and proven solution and is already widely used in various markets.

Need help explaining why Magento e-commerce is so interesting? We would love to help!

Considering becoming a partner?

The most important reason while considering becoming a partner is whether you are looking for new business. If the answer is ‘YES’, keep reading! The solution we brought to the market, the Magento connector, integrates the Magento web store with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision). A must for efficient offline and online operational management.

You reach different types of customers by adding this product to your sales kit. Customers that you couldn’t help before, but can help now. Customers who can find you for this ‘one stop data management’ solution. And, finally, these customers will also want to buy new NAV licenses through you. A win-win situation!

Advantages for our partners

We strongly believe in the Magento connector. That is underlined by the many numbers of customers we have been able to serve and where we immediately see what it provides them. We have the ambition to become the largest supplier in Europe and we are well on our way. We can’t do that alone and need partners to achieve that. Partners who also believe in our product and who can also generate more business for themselves with it.

You become our local contact when you become one of our resellers. If we get leads, you follow up on those leads. That means not only sales of the Magento connector, but also more license sales of Microsoft Dynamics NAV! Last, but not least, as a partner, you benefit from an attractive reseller discount.

Want to become a partner? Read more here.

Do you have a specific question or would you like advice regarding a practical case? Please contact us!