28 August 2015

Magento now also suited for B2B – an overview of all functionalities

Do you operate in the business-to-business market and do you, or your customer, want to develop an online ordering environment for customers and/or agents? Consider using Magento. In the past, Magento was geared primarily toward the B2C market. Now the B2B market is also being taken over by Magento. With the big advantage that a standard connector exists that integrates the web store with the Dynamics NAV ERP system. The best of both worlds!
In this article, we explain Magento B2B’s functionalities that are crucial for this market.

Why Magento?

Magento is the most widely used open source e-commerce platform. Currently, they have 39% of the global market. Magento is used by both major and minor players in the market due to its flexibility and scalability. Magento was originally developed for the B2C market, but thanks to additional B2B extensions, it is currently well-suited for the B2B market.

Advantages of the Magento B2B web store

• More ordering convenience for your customers
• Customers place orders when they want (24/7)
• Order processing takes less time so that your sales team has more time for sales
• Reduces customer service work
• Marketing and sales tools provide higher revenue

Standard functionalities Magento B2B

The following standard functionalities are available in Magento and specifically for the B2B market:
• Checks VAT number
• Shows prices excluding VAT
• Order rapidly based on article number (SKUs)
• Customer group segmentation
• ERP integration via API Webservices, such as with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (refer to Magento integration)

Extra functionalities developed by Tinx-IT

In addition to a large number of standard functionalities in Magento, we have also developed a large number of EXTRA functionalities. Specifically for the B2B market. Now Magento is the complete solution and the right choice for B2B!
These extra functionalities are:
• Magento B2B Price extension
• Magento B2B Back office module

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