Babette van Waes , marketing manager VETUS

“With the Magento Connector, we can now manage our complex webshop data from one system: Dynamics NAV!”


For 45 years VETUS has been one of the world’s leading companies when it comes to innovative products for pleasure craft and small commercial vessels. The VETUS catalogue offers a wide range of products to build and maintain boats to an optimum technical level. The VETUS products are sold through a large worldwide network of dealers, shipyards, and distributors.

Besides the head office in Schiedam the Netherlands, VETUS has international branch offices in the UK, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Spain, United States, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand India and South Africa.


VETUS came from an online environment with static information and a PDF-catalogue online where customers and dealers can turn to for product information.

VETUS wanted to improve their reputation and brandname and increase their sales worldwide. One way to achieve this is to implement an online productcatalog with very detailed item attributes information for their distributors (B2B) and later on for private customers.(B2C) All product information must be automatically maintained and updated inside Dynamics NAV.

The requirements for the new online environment were as follows:

  • Solution must be easy to maintain by VETUS itself
  • Solution must support multiple languages so it becomes ready to rapid expand to new international markets.
  • Complex attribute information must be possible to maintain.
  • After the implementation of the catalog, it must be possible to automate the order processing by the B2B port


As an e-commerce platform VETUS chooses Magento. Magento is the most commonly used open source web shop platform worldwide, with an installed base of around 31 percent of the market.

Magento e-commerce platform can easily be made SEO optimized, it is multilingual and highly maintainable even for unskilled people. The Magento connector is used for the full integration and the synchronization of data from NAV. It is possible to handle meta information and additional commercial webtext used for SEO optimization. VETUS makes also an extensive use of the attributes

functionality of the Magento connector. VETUS has a really complex attribute structure, but it is handled well in the added e-commerce functionality in NAV through the connector.

In the connector you can also maintain multiple languages through one interface. So it is a solid solution for VETUS ambitions now and in the future.

Vetus B.V.
Business type:
Wholesale (B2B)
LS Retail

With the implementation of the tight integration between their backoffice and frontoffice VETUS has realized the following advantages:

  • Backoffice is 100 % automatically in sync with Frontoffice without manual labour
  • Worldwide multilingual implementation is now possible
  • Complex attributes and attribute sets can now be maintained through the connector’s added e-commerce functionality on NAV
  • All webshop information can be easily managed from one place (Dynamics NAV) which saves a lot of time


  • VETUS is now ready to better serve existing and new customers, improving their reputation and therefore get better business results
  • Due to the flexibility of the connector, VETUS is ready to expand to new markets