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Sportswear wholesaler wanted to manage their customizable products for their nationwide network

Pennant Sportswear sells products through a nationwide network of team dealers, decorators, promotional product distributors, and sporting goods retailers.

To ease its B2B customers’ buying process, Pennant Sportswear decided to launch a Magento website. As Pennant Sportswear was already making use of NAV, they wanted to automate their processes. These processes included Products, Inventory, Customers, Orders and status management. In addition, they wanted to offer their B2B clients custom prices and discounts.

About Pennant Sportswear


United States

Business Type

Wholesale (B2B)
Retail (B2C)




LS Retail

With our Magento Connector, orders are now seamlessly flowing between Magento and NAV. Additionally, due to our experience and flexible connector, we were able to set up a complex color and size matrix for the product creation process. On top of that, our B2B Pricing & Discount Module for Magento made it possible for Pennant Sportswear to tailor their prices and discounts to the profile of each and every specific B2B customer.
With this solution, Pennant Sportswear never has to worry about manually entering orders, resulting in delays in order fulfillment and costly errors resulting in customer complaints.

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