Cello / Smaakhelden sells 350,000 meals electronically – thanks to Tinx-IT’s Magento Connector

“Smaakhelden” (Dutch for “Taste Heroes”), a subsidiary of Cello, is one of Tinx-IT’s satisfied customers. The Magento connector is an indispensable link for the integration of their sales and production process.  Read how they reorganized their processes.

Together with Din Solutions (Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner) and Fruitcake (Magento partner), Tinx-IT has realized a total solution at Cello / Smaakhelden. Tinx-IT’s Magento connector was the crucial (and indispensable) link between Magento and Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision).

One of the most important advantages of the total solution is that it has given Cello more control over their business processes. They are more capable of managing their company because they have exact (and real-time) insight into their total sales results.

Our Magento connector ensures that meals can be ordered smoothly and when and how Cello’s clients want.  Thanks to the integration of the ERP system with Magento, the sale of meals has become a fully-automated process. This saves so much time for Cello, employees can now focus on their core business.

Theo Jacobs, Head of Restaurant Inventory at Cello says:
“The offering of meal components had to be provided through a webstore to these clients. Previously, numerous information systems were necessary to automate the processes. These information systems had no clear connection with each other (island automation) causing a number of processes to lack automation altogether. This situation was far from ideal. An integrated total solution was needed to support the sales process and the production process.”

Who Cello is
Cello provides care and support to more than 2,000 people who are (primarily) mentally impaired. The production kitchen “Smaakhelden” is a subsidiary of Cello that produces a wide variety of meal components based on the sous-vide cooking method. They produce approx. 350,000 meals annually.

Visit their Magento webshop: http://www.smaakhelden.nl


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