How to use WooCommerce connector for Dynamics NAV?

Recently we have launched the WooCommerce Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision). We see more and more customers who are implementing WooCommerce as their e-commerce platform. Our Connector starts from Dynamics NAV 2016 and above, lower versions are not supported! We also recommend to use WooCommerce only for B2C webshops, for B2B webshops Magento is […]

Upgrade to Magento 1.9.3: SOAP API problems

When you are upgrading your Magento webshop to 1.9.3. 2 these critical problems will arise with the SOAP connection between Dynamics NAV and Magento: SalesOrderInfo XML response will not return the ordered items, there is an empty section for the <items> All outbound traffic (like productUpdate, stockUpdate) will result in an internal error   How […]

Should you select Magento 1.9 or immediately go for Magento 2.0?

You want to launch a new webstore based on Magento. Which choice is better, should you select Magento 1.x or go for Magento 2.0 right away? Something can be said for both versions. We help you make the best selection in this article. New standard Magento 2.0 brings with it a new standard in e-commerce […]

Let your business grow and become a Tinx-IT partner!

You’re already a Tinx-IT partner or considering becoming a partner? We can explain why a partnership is a good idea and what kind of advantages it offers you. Magento already has 39% of the global e-commerce market (Community edition + Enterprise edition). It would be superfluous to say that this is a very interesting market. Already […]

Magento now also suited for B2B – an overview of all functionalities

Do you operate in the business-to-business market and do you, or your customer, want to develop an online ordering environment for customers and/or agents? Consider using Magento. In the past, Magento was geared primarily toward the B2C market. Now the B2B market is also being taken over by Magento. With the big advantage that a […]

Useful extensions for Magento E-commerce

In the projects we have done we came across several extensions which our customers needed on top of Magento. Use price of a simple product in stead of the configurable price Aya Software has developed a solution for this: Delete submitted orders Magento by default does not provide a function to delete orders. You […]