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In this area you can find all the cases from our customers which have successfully implemented the Magento Connector for Dynamics NAV.

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Thanks to Tinx-IT’s integration solution, our webstores synchronize continuously with Dynamics NAV. An online order can now be processed and sent within 10 minutes!”

Remco Hooft
Simplified web admin thanks to Tinx-IT’s integration solution

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Works perfect

Tinx-IT is helping us with the connection between Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 and Magento. Complexity in our situation is, we are having 2 websites: B2B + B2C from 1 NAV company. This is working perfect!

Lambert Manden
Résidence Wijnen

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Fast, Flexible and Reliable!

We were using simple file exchange for sync between Magento and Microsoft Dynamics NAV but quickly noticed that it was too slow to keep both systems up to date in real-time. We are glad to have found Tinx-IT which now works as a real-time connector between our Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Magento. Fast, Flexible and Reliable!

Emir Saffir
Ur & Penn

Statisfied with the Connector!

I am satisfied with the Magento Connector. I find it pretty easy to update and it is good to have the same information in Dynamics NAV as in Magento.

Agnieszka Lindberg


Very pleased with the work Tinx-IT has done for us

At Brdr. Friis Møbler we are very pleased with the work Tinx-IT has done for us. The integration between our Webshop that runs on a Magento platform and our Microsoft NAV ERP system works perfectly. The system is very advanced and therefore offers all the functionality we need.

Casper Friis


Cost effective and efficient solution

This solution gives you the possibility to let the Magento webshop take care of the actual presentation of the data, and allow NAV to take care of the maintenance of the data. The result is a cost effective and efficient solution where the strengths of both platforms are maximized.

Oskar Lind


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Tinx-IT and their very capable team

With the integration of the Magento connector for Dynamics NAV from Tinx-IT and their very capable team, we have been able to match the ongoing demand of our online customers. With our new site, we are equipped with the tools we need to provide a captivating brand experience from start to finish.

Jill Pauley, Online Marketing Director
Sexy Hair
United States

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Error free processing of orders

Our clients can order very easy their meals in our Magento webshop. Daily 100 orders are submitted. The Magento Connector for Dynamics NAV takes care of error-free processing of these orders.

Theo Jacobs
Smaakhelden / Cello

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Works very well!

The Magento Connector works very well, since our new B2B Magento webshop is launched, the first orders are already imported from Magento into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, The Magento Connector does its job well 🙂


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Connector + B2B pricing is perfect solution

The Tinx-IT Magento Connector including Magento B2B pricing and discount extension are the best match for Solar Century. The solution considers less maintenance and efficient.  

Mark Hoeben
Solar Century

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Stable and flexible solution

The Magento Connector is a stable and flexible solution, which we have implemented together with team Tinx-IT, and has lead to a good integration between Navision and Magento.

Harold de Graaf
Plinten en Profielen Centrale

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The integration between Magento E-commerce and Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) is going awesome with your connector solution.

Karthik Mallireddy
United States

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Smooth integration with our B2B Magento webshop

Thanks to the Magento Connector we have seamlessly integrated our 24 x 7 B2B Magento webshop with ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision)

Mark Ubbink
Jansen Foodservice

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Tremendously satisfied

Structube is tremendously satisfied with our journey using the Magento connector. The interaction between our enterprise resource planning system (ERP) and Magento is seamless, and essential functionalities are easily accessible with this integrated platform. It truly is, a one stop shop!

Eric Knafo

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Workload is reduced

The Magento connector has allowed us to save so much time and eliminate errors which were occurring when product and inventory updates were done manually on Magento. It has reduced our work load immensely.

Georgie Kerr
Melissa Shoes

Sucessful Go-Live

Thanks to @TinxIT for a sucessful Go-Live of their excellent Magento > Microsoft Dynamics NAV application today. Onwards and upwards!

Mark Noble
Buckley London
United Kingdom

Useful add-on

This is a very useful add-on and we are pleased with the development and support of Tinx-IT. We started on Magento 1.7 and we are now running 1.9. This add-on is quickly compatible with new releases.

Terence Tengker
Van Zelst

Most efficient

Our e-commerce activities are divers. We use severals types of webshop-software but the Magento connector is the most efficient one combined with Navision.

Igor Soons
Mise en Place

Great extension - Save time

Great extension for product and order sync between Magento and Navision. Deployed and configured in one day together Tinx-IT. It saved us a lot of time to do products / customer / order synchronization between Magento en Navision. 

Hans Werps
Helian Polymers

Standard & flexible solution

We were looking for a standard but flexible integration solution and a long term partnership to realize our international e-commerce strategy. We choose Tinx-IT for their specialized knowledge in integration projects and their excellent communication style.

Stephan Küng

Manage complex webshop data

With the Magento Connector, we can now manage our complex webshop data from one system: Micorosoft Dynamics NAV!

Babette van Waes
Vetus B.V.

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Stable link

After the implementation of the Magento Connector we now have a stable and powerful link which requires no maintenance.

Hubert ten Ham
Radical Design

Very happy

We are very happy with the Magento Connector integration solution. Easy to install and immediate results. We have substantially lowered our total costs. The mutations in our Dynamics NAV system are send really quickly to Magento

Joop Pisa


The Tinx-IT solution fits seamlessly in our Dynamics Entrepreneur environment. It adds exactly what we needed for our webshop.

Arthur Verheijen

Stable and reliable

We were looking for a reliable, stable and easily maintainable solution to link Microsoft Dynamics NAV to the Magento e-commerce platform.

Bart de Beuker, IT Director

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Ingenious Solution

It’s remarkable how rapidly changes can be implemented – also in our inventories. I consider it an ingenious solution.

Grattan O'Brien, IT director
O’Brien Wines

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