Intakeform for customer success story

With this intake-form we have some questions for you to describe the business case of 1 of your customers. This will result in a customer success story.

Please fill in the form as complete as possible. After we have received the answers we will write a blog post. This blog-post will be published on the website of Tinx and you may post it on your website.

With most customers you should assume readers would benefit from some basic background material, which may include: Company name Headquarters, locations Industry, Size
Specific edition like Magento Commerce or Shopify Plus edition
Or describe here which old webshop platform is replaced by the new e-commerce platform
For Example: Order Import, Product Sync, Order Status, Customer Out, Customer Import
Are apps installed which are influencing the data connection with Business Central
What results is the customer getting?
The most compelling benefit in a quote from the customer, please fill in the name of the person and the job title within the company

About the partner

To this e-mail address we will send the draft article of the customer success story
Were there challenges / surprises along the way
What brings the partnership to you? Please fill in the name of the person and the job title