Magento B2B Multiple Units of Measure: show and sell any unit of measure from one of your products on your webshop

With our Magento B2B Multiple Units of Measure extension, you’re able to show all possible units of measure concerning a single product on your Magento webshop.

For example: 
A merchant sells plastic cups. In Business Central the merchant registers different units of measure based on that one product. This could be something like: 1 (single piece), 250 (one stack), 1500 (one box), 30000 (one pallet).
By default, it isn’t possible to show this properly on the webshop due to the fact that Magento operates on a “product” level and doesn’t understand the concept of units of measure. With our extension, merchants are able to show and sell these variations online by adding the units of measure dimension to Magento.

How does this extension relate to our customer base?

Percentage B2B shops in relation to B2C shops
67 %
Percentage B2B shops which use this extension
21 %

3 reasons to use the Magento B2B Multiple Units of Measure extension in your webshop

Selling larger quantities

Simplified order picking process

Faster order entry

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