The Grass People (UK) live with Magento webshop integrated with Dynamics NAV 2015

by Erica Hoekerd.

The Grass People is a UK based company and delivers the best quality fertiliesiers, grass and wildflower seed. Grass seeds are delivered to home owners, landscapers, groundsmen, equestrian & greenkeepers.

The range of wildflower seeds is for every soil type. Mixes for heavy clay, sandy soils, and shaded areas, plus annuals & meadows.

Standard and proven e-commerce solution Magento

The Grass People has launched their new webshop based on Magento. They have choosen for a standard and proven e-commerce solution (Magento) after a failed bespoke e-commerce project.

The integration with their ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) has been an important factor for selecting the vendor for the integration.

Tinx-IT has delivered the integration between Magento webshop and Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision). The standard solution Magento Connector has been implemented and takes care of the synchronisation between both systems.


Ordering in different Unit of Measures

Especially for the Grass People we have developed a new functionality in our standard solution. It is now possible to create the same item from NAV multiple times in Magento. We send items in different unit of measures to Magento.

The main item (table 27 Item) is created as a configurable item in Magento and the specific unit of measure variants (sitting in table 5404 Item Unit of Measure) will be created as simple items and linked to the configurable item.

Visitors of the shop can now order the item in the right Unit of Measure! When the order comes in to Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) the right Unit of Measure code will be filled on the Sales Line (table 37).


Magento partner

The Magento partner in this project is EyeKiller in Ireland. They are responsible for hosting, design and the implementation of the Magento shop