Magento Connector is now ready for Magento 2.0

by Marieke Berting.

Magento2-LogoWe proudly present the latest version of Tinx-IT’s Magento connector 2016. Completely compatible with Magento 2.0 and as always equipped with the renowned functions you have learned to expect from the connector that seamlessly integrates Magento and Dynamics NAV.

We’re ready, are you ready?

As a Tinx-IT customer, you are always assured that your product is up-to-date and compatible with the latest versions, from the Magento side as well on the Dynamics NAV side. When you become our customer, that’s guaranteed.

3 reasons to select the Magento 2.0 Connector

1. Geared toward the future and growth:

A complete integration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Magento gives you a solid base for your e-commerce business for now and in the future. You create a consistent and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. This means more satisfied customers and more returning customers.

2: Save time and reduce the probability of mistakes:

Your web orders and customer data are automatically processed in Microsoft Dynamics NAV without any manual entry. Mistakes are minimized and precious time is saved.

3: Real time insights:

You receive a complete overview of both your offline and online results in Dynamics NAV allowing you make changes at any time.

Your investment in the Magento connector is earned back immediately. You save money and personnel costs because the webstore’s data is managed from one location.

Need inspiration? Read our customers’ testimonials and their cases and discover what integration delivered for them.

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