25 October 2022

New customer case Clip BV

Clip BV is a family business known for creating atmosphere and experience in the living room, kitchen and bathroom. Through the online sales of tableware, textiles, and paint products in the higher segment, Clip BV has grown into a worldwide high-quality player where both B2B and B2C customers have been happy to order their products for years.

Clip sells 95% of its products online through the new Magento webshop developed by Mooore. We’ve ensured that their webshop orders are transferred correctly into their Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS environment, provided by ABC E Business.

In an extensive interview with Rick Harink, we take a closer look at Clip’s challenges prior to using the Magento connector. How did the need to integrate Magento and Business Central arise? Which functions of the Magento connector are used? What is the experience, and what is the biggest win of using the Magento connector?

Read all about it in our latest customer case.