30 March 2023

New partner case Fellowmind Finland

IT company Fellowmind employs about 2,000 talented tech and industry professionals in six European countries. They operate in The Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and Poland and have about 40 offices in these countries. They serve companies in Europe across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, energy, and retail. Fellowmind is a European leader in Microsoft Business Applications, Cloud Infrastructure, Data & Analytics, and the Modern Workplace landscape.

Tinx has an official partnership with Fellowmind Finland and is currently serving three mutual customers. Why has Fellowmind Finland chosen Tinx as an integration partner to serve their customers? What is the experience of the Tinx E-commerce Connector and collaboration in general? Plenty of reasons to get an answer to these questions during an interview with Antti Lidström, Competence Lead at Fellowmind Finland.

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