22 augustus 2020

Login als Klant: één van de nieuwe features in Magento 2.4!

At Tinx-IT we do many implementations of our Magento Dynamics B2B Pricing & Discounts extension where we connect Microsoft Dynamics 365Business Central to Magento. With our B2BPricing module we can show to every customer their own specific prices and customer group specific prices and discounts in Magento.

To test this functionality, we always install and use the MageFan module login_as_customer to check whether all the customer-specific data sent from Dynamics 365 Business Central is properly stored and executed as rules in Magento.

In the new release of Magento 2.4.0, this module is now integrated as standard in the core files. The MageFan team has worked with the Magento Community Engineering Team to integrate our module into the Magento core. Code improvements and some new features have been added. Read all the release notes here: releasenotes of Magento 2.4

You can enable the extension in the Magento backend admin by choosing Stores -> Settings -> Configuration for customers where the extension can be enabled.