Jansen Foodservice is a company with a number of offline locations and a very diverse assortment of products. They sell beverages, frozen foods, perishables such as meat and vegetables as well as non-food products such as tablecloths for restaurant interior decorating.

Jansen Foodservice decided that a B2B web store could bring added value to automating and optimizing the ordering process and to increasing revenue.
The well-known Magento e-commerce platform was selected and the Tinx-IT Magento connector for Dynamics NAV was used for integration with the back office.
There are 2 locations (2 Microsoft Dynamics NAV companies in 1 database) that have their own customers. The products sold at these locations are the same but have their own inventories per company. A separate company offers perishable goods but it is not part of Dynamics NAV.

The Magento connector is set up in such a way so that customers are sent to the web store per NAV company. Every customer also has 1 or more order lists that can be entered into Dynamics NAV and then can be maintained in both environments. Customers can also create their own order lists in the web store which also end up in Dynamics NAV via the connector.
The products (since the product numbers are the same) remain synchronized from 1 company with Magento. These products’ inventory originates from a calculation of both Microsoft Dynamics NAV companies.

Special Offers
A number of different special offers occur each week within Jansen Foodservice. These offers include “buy 2, get 1 free” sales or a free product with an order. This information is provided through the connector to Magento so that the special offer is shown with an order.

Order History
Customers can review their current and previous orders in real-time and see when an open order is going to be delivered.

Order Import
As soon as a customer places an order, it will be determined within the connector which Dynamics NAV company this customer belongs to and where the order should be created. While the order is being created, each line is monitored and if, for instance, a product is no longer available, it is blocked and processed in the remaining lines. It can be determined within the connector what is happening with the order line so that the problem can be solved and, if necessary, whether the customer should be contacted.

Separating Orders during Import
Since perishables are delivered by another company within Jansen Foodservice group, the order is separated into different orders for perishables and other products.
The connector provides parameters which can be set up on your own to achieve this function . The perishable order is subsequently sent to the other company.

Thanks to the Magento and Dynamics NAV integration, Jansen Foodservice has set up a complete and fully automated web store that is fed from Dynamics NAV, and also allows the entire order processing to be fully automated.
Tinx-IT’s Magento connector plays a decisive role in this success story . All data in the Magento web store has Microsoft Dynamics NAV as its source. In addition, a solution has ingeniously been provided for order imports and separating certain types of orders.
Customers can place orders 24/7 and even during the weekend, which is of great interest to hospitality business owners.

Jansen Foodservice
Business type:
Wholesale (B2B)
Food & Beverages