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    In This Topic

    How to setup integration with BC?

    To setup a proper connection with Amazon Marketplace in BC as a Merchant, the following information is needed:

    To obtain the MWS Auth Token: You should grant our Developer Account Tinx-IT to get access to your seller account. More info on this topic you can find here:

    After you have authorised the Tinx developer account you will receive an e-mail with the MWS Authorisation Token. Keep this token for the next step. This token will be entered in BC.


    Using Scratchpad

    With the tool Scratchpad you can easily test all the Amazon credentials, before your enter them on the Sales Channel Card. We recommend to use this tool. Each marketplace uses a different url for scratchpad:

    UK: https://mws.amazonservices.co.uk/scratchpad/index.html

    USA: https://mws.amazonservices.com/scratchpad/index.html


    Sales Channel Card

    On the Sales Channel Card, these fields should be filled in to setup connection:


    Using the right timestamp

    To identify the right time which is used by Amazon you should enter the website url in the browser, this will return information about the used time:


    If this time is different than the time on the server where BC is running you should set the field 'Webserver Time Difference' in milliseconds. This is very important, otherwise you won't get proper connection.