Tinx-IT E-Commerce Connector 2020
Amazon Request Parameters
API Documentation
API Testing Tools
API Tools
Apply Customer Templates
Assisted Setup
Attribute Management
Attribute sets
Attributes by Item
Auto Assign Items to Web Categories
Available tools
B2B Pricin
B2B Pricing
BC Scheduler
Comments stored as BLOB
Comments stored as line
Configurable Components
Configuration in Magento
Create as Contact - Table 5050
Create as Customer - Table 18
Create custom Message Definition
Create orders in BC
Create orders in BC from Web Order
Cross-reference mapping
Custom Options
Customers inbound
Customers outbound
Customers to webshop
Default Custom fields
Delete trigger
Download Orders
Download web customers
E-mail notification
Example of codeunit to print PDF
Guest Customers
High level overview
How to add developer account in Amazon
How to add translation files
How to work with them
Import Magento customers into BC
Initial item sync between BC and a live Magento shop
Install Extension
Install Extension FOB Import - NAV Versions
Intro data exchange
Item Variants
Items to webshop
Job Queue
Linking outbound
Magento 2.x
Magento 2.x
Magento Services
Mandatory Fields
Message Definitions
Meta Information
Multiple Stock
Multiple Structures per Website
My Account - ERP Backoffice
My Account module
New fields in standard tables
On change trigger
On last record trigger
Online bugfix list releases
Orders inbound
Orders outbound
Orders with Bundle Items
Orders with Configurable Items
Prepare Items for Webshop
Product ID Types
Products outbound
Record Queue
Record Queue not processing
Retrieve Existing Lines and Copy into Table
Run code unit after Import data
Run custom code units for processing inbound messages
Run custom code units for processing outbound messages
Sales Channels
Schedule function
Sending status back
Shipment - email
Soap Entries - Case of trouble
Soap UI
Special Price
Standard Order
Stored in a file
Stored on File
Stored on Webserver
Stored on websverer
Synchronisation Dashboards
System Requirements
Task scheduling / priorities
Tasks for Magento partner to make the downloadable items visible for product
Testing with download
Tier Prices
Tweak standard Message Definitions (copy)
Usage of Any Table for options
Usage of events
Usage of filters
Usage of log triggers
Use std. fields from Item as attribute
User Personalization
Web Item Extension - Required fields
Web Item Links
Web Text
Welcome to Tinx E-Commerce Connector
WooCommerce REST API Log
Working with conditions
Working with formulas