Magento B2B Customer Items: let your customers find their products the easiest way possible

With our Magento B2B Customer item extension, merchants can let their end customers find products on the webshop based on the end customer’s own product numbers. This is made possible by connecting the cross-reference information from Business Central with Magento. Simply register the end customer’s own product number as a cross-reference to your own products and the extension will make sure that the information is shared with the Magento webshop.

End customers will be able to find their products easily based on their own product numbers while using the online search functionality.

How does this extension relate to our customer base?

Percentage B2B shops in relation to B2C shops
67 %
Percentage B2B shops which use this extension
17 %

3 reasons to use the Magento B2B customer items extension in your webshop

Save valuable resources whitin your sales team

Improve customer satisfaction

Faster order entry

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