Release Tinx connector in Microsoft AppSource for Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce

As of 05-20-2022, release 26.4 is available in Microsoft AppSource for Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce.

This new release is compatible with BC18, BC19 and BC20 wave 1

Assign Attribute Sets for an Item by Sales Channel
To support multiple attribute sets per item we have added the field Attribute Set in the table TINX Item by Sales Channel.

When this field is validated, all the assigned attributes will be linked to the item in a new table: TINX Item Attr. Sales Channel 11205796

You can view the assigned attributes here:


New flowfield in table TINX Sales Order to get the right customer no.
We have added field 139 Customer No. Sales Channel for getting the BC Customer No based on ID + Sales Channel.

We have changed the existing flowfield 73 ‘Default Customer no.’: we have removed the link on field ‘Sales Channel’.


Country Customer Template Assignment is extended

We have added an extra check on Sales Channel when a Customer Template should be assigned for new customers. This will work for the ‘Extended Customer Template’. The complete check is:
– VAT No. exists for the customer
– Country
– Sales Channel

Extra check on Sales Channel in TINX Sales Order Line for blocked items
If customers have multiple websites to maintain with different Sales Channels, the check on a blocked item was not complete. We have added an extra check to avoid too many blocked order lines.

E-mail Notification improved
We have improved the e-mail notification in case of errors. With the standard BC mail function, you should set up an e-mail account (Type: SMTP)

In the setup you can activate the e-mail notifications for the different scenarios:

– Job Queue, when the TINX NAS Inbound or TINX NAS Outbound entries are failing
– When data is rejected by the website platform (Outbound messages)
– When the order import fails due to blocked items or blocked customers

Magento 2 Download information extended with Sales Channel option
You can now choose from which Sales Channel you want to download the item information. Before, the system only downloaded info for the Sales Channel, which was set to ‘ Default’.
2 extra filters are added to the request Page: Webshop SKU + Webshop Product ID

Operator ‘>’ added for Conditions on Message Definition
When images were set to the source: URL (instead of a file), the image was not visible in the fact box.

Code for Attribute Set should be unique
We have added an extra check on the Code of inserting a new Attribute Set. This cannot be the same as an existing one anymore. This is related to the setup for multiple Sales Channels.

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