Release Tinx connector in Microsoft AppSource for Magento, Shopware, Shopify and WooCommerce

As of 07-14-2022, release 27.0 is available in Microsoft AppSource for Magento, Shopware, Shopify and WooCommerce.

This new release is compatible with BC18, BC19 and BC20 wave 1

On Premise App releases are available on request of the partner & customer (this will be charged for 1 hour): please send an e-mail to
Provide the following information to us: Your name, your company name, customer or partner, your BC version and the build. Planning is to deliver the apps within 5 working days.

WooCommerce: categories in the request
When customers maintain their category structure in Woo and not in BC, the categories were emptied because of an empty element in the JSON request. This has been fixed. Note: it is not possible anymore to update the product from BC when the product has no categories.

General: Fill Sales Channel value in mappings (import)
We have added the option to use the same Message for different Sales Channels. By default, the value for Sales Channel was a fixed value in the mapping. So when you have different order imports, you had to copy each message and only change the Sales Channel value. From a maintenance perspective, this is not the best option.
You can now choose this setup. The system is checking for which Sales Channel the messages are running.

Shopware Connector preparations
We have added several changes to the base app to support the Shopware 6 integration.

Publisher event added for field Order Record ID in table TINX Sales Order
We have added an extra event when the order is imported. The field Order Record ID will be validated once the Sales Header is created. The Order Record ID contains the record ID from the created Sales Header, like this: Sales Header: Order,101027
You can subscribe to this event and execute your own custom code.

New field in table 222 Ship-to Address: Is Default Shipping – Boolean
A new flowfield is added in table 222 to check whether the address is a default. The system is checking the ‘Ship-To Code’ on the Customer card. You can use this if you want to set a default Shipping Address for customers.

Removed table relation for the field in table TINX Metafield Values V2
We have removed the validate table relation for field 1. Importing data with config packages should now be possible for this table.

Extra fields for customer creation in the customer template
We are copying the extra three fields (as you can see below) to the customer from the assigned customer template:
– Document Sending Profile
– Partner Type
– Reserve

New workflow added after order import: auto reserve Items
We have added the option to auto reserve items on a sales order. You should enable this field in the sales channel:

And add codeunit 11205756 “TINX Order Function Mgt.” to the dashboard line for the order import. That’s all!

Magento REST API: Custom Options
We are now supporting the creation of custom options for a product with Magento REST API. A new set of message definitions is available.

Magento REST API: ‘extension_attributes’ section in customer payload
We are now supporting ‘extension_attributes’ in the customer payload request. This is a feature to enable remote shopping assistance.

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