Release Tinx connector in Microsoft AppSource for Magento, Shopware, Shopify and WooCommerce

As of 08-04-2022, release 27.1 is available in Microsoft AppSource for Magento, Shopware, Shopify and WooCommerce.

This new release is compatible with BC18, BC19 and BC20 wave 1

On Premise App releases are available on request of the partner & customer (this will be charged for 1 hour): please send an e-mail to
Provide the following information to us: Your name, your company name, customer or partner, your BC version and the build. Planning is to deliver the apps within 5 working days.

General Features

New fields: Is Webshop Created
A new field ‘Is Webshop Created’ is added to several tables: Tinx tables + Standard tables (18, 5401, 5404). This is needed when no. id is returned from the webshop, so the system can check whether a create or an update should be sent.

REST Parameters: concatenate fields
We have added two new fields in the REST Parameter table: ‘Field No. 2’ and ‘Separator’. This is meant for sending updates when the primary key is sent as a formula.

Link on field with type ‘FlowFilter’
It was not possible to define a link in the Message Definition with field type FlowFilter. This has been adjusted and needed for filters such as ‘Variant Filter’ and ‘Location Filter’.

Priority in Order Events
You can define your own order when some actions should be done after the Sales Header is created:

Define your actions in this table: Order Posting Events

Use Blob fields in a formula
It is now possible to use fields with datatype BLOB in a formula. For example, when you have a custom table defined with several Blob fields where you store texts, you can send them over to the webshop as a ‘Description’ or ‘Short Description’. Or any other field the webshop is accepting.

Remove leading spaces
Sometimes the webshop is returning empty values which contain one space. These spaces are removed to avoid empty values in BC fields.

Support Guest Customer No. and Default Customer template in Sales Channel
We have added two new options to the Sales Channel:

If you are using multiple Sales Channels simultaneously, the fields in the Setup won’t be unique enough. If these values are empty, the system will check the settings in the TINX E-Commerce Setup.

New actions on default Item Card (Page 30)
All webshop actions are now available on the default Item Card, including a Synchronize button.

Shopware specific

Support for variants and options is now available
It is now possible to create items in Shopware belonging to a parent.

Magento specific

Support multiple tracking in shipment
It was not possible to send multiple trackings for one shipment. This has now been added. The request will look like this:

Add Custom Options for an Item to the Sales Line
If you are selling items which define custom options, you also want to have those options appear on the Order, attached to the Sales Line to where the custom options belong.
You need to adjust the Message Definition like this: go to message M2R-086, open the section with table TINX Sales Order Line V2.
Add two new lines. Field 101 should be set to ‘Save As BLOB’. Scroll to the right side of the page.

The result is that the options are stored in the table Sales Order Line Options
The last step is to adjust the mapping for the creation of the Sales Header:
Add this field to the section where Sales Lines are created:

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