Release Tinx connector in Microsoft AppSource for Magento, Shopware, Shopify and WooCommerce

As of 09-09-2022, release 27.2 is available in Microsoft AppSource for Magento, Shopware, Shopify and WooCommerce.

This new release is compatible with BC18, BC19, BC20 and BC21

On Premise App releases are available on request of the partner & customer (this will be charged for 1 hour): please send an e-mail to
Provide the following information to us: Your name, your company name, customer or partner, your BC version and the build. Planning is to deliver the apps within 5 working days.

General Features

Cross Information per Attribute
When you have multiple backends (E.g. Sales Channels) where you store the same information for attributes per product we have made maintenance more efficient. We have introduced the field ‘Cross Information’. If this is flagged (attributes with the same code). The information per product is copied to the same attribute in another Sales Channel.



Extended table Item Attribute (7500) and Item Attribute Value (7501)
We have added new fields to the tables above, to send this information directly to the webshop and store the response ID’s in BC.



Key added for Posting Events
The key for the right sorting of the order events was missing in codeunit 11205756 “TINX Order Function Mgt.”. This has been added now.

New option added for field Content Type in table TINX Attribute
We have added the option ‘Custom Field’ for the field ‘Content Type’. This is meant for the Shopware Connector.

New flowfield available in table TINX Attribute Options
We have added the flowfield ‘Content Type’ to the table. Now you can define which message should be executed based on the value of the ‘Content Type’.

New key added in table TINX Web Text Line
To avoid performance issues, we have added a new key:
key(Key2; “No.”, “Text Type”, “Store View”)

Report 11205753 TINX Update Multi Select Attr extended
We have added data item ‘TINX attr. Sales Channel’ to the report. To also update the option and multiple select ID’s in this table.

New flowfield in table T27
To check whether an item should be created as a ‘simple’ or as a ‘configurable’ item, we have added a flowfield ‘TINX No. of Components’. This is the sum of all records in table TINX Configurable Component V2.

Page changes for Customer Portal
We have changed the page for posted Sales Invoices and created a new page to display the posted Credit Memos. This can be used in the ‘old’ version of the module Customer Portal.

Removed test field on Phone No. for customer
We have removed the check that Phone No. should have a value for the customer when sending to the webshop.

Split scheduled tasks (Job Queue Entries) based on Job Queue Category Code
To separate the different tasks more per Job Queue (load and performance balancing) we have added a new field on the Sync. Dashboards: Job Queue Category Code.
If multiple job queue entries are defined with codeunit TINX NAS Inbound Mgt and TINX NAS Outbound Mgt, the system will check which Entry should execute for which dashboards:

Extended table 7001 Price List Line
We have added a new field ‘ Maximum Quantity’ in table 7001. This is meant for supporting Tier Prices in Shopware (maybe other platforms can also benefit from this field.


Table TINX Customer fix
When manually inserting a new guest customer record with ID = 0, then all customers (sublogins) were set to that same BC Customer No. This has now been fixed.

Shopware Connector

Support Images (Media Entity)
It is now possible to send images to Shopware. This can be set by ‘URL’ or by ‘file location on own server’. Set the appropriate setting in the Tinx E-Commerce Setup:


Available Message Definitions in Dashboard:


Support Tier Prices + listPrices
We are now supporting tierprices and discounted prices (listprices) along with a product update.

Setup in Business Central:


CustomFields in a product
We are now supporting customFields in a product. Setup in Business Central:
Define within the section the different fields to be sent as customField.

Magento Connector – SOAP version

Fix for multi-line attribute
If a customAttribute was defined as muli-line in the Message Definition, only the last record value was added in the XML-request. This has now been fixed, and all values are added in the customAttribute field.

WooCommerce Connector

New function for deleting a product variation
We have added a new function for deleting the right product variation.

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