Release Tinx connector in Microsoft AppSource for Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce

As of 03-14-2022, release 26 is available in Microsoft AppSource for Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce.

This new release is compatible with BC19 and BC20 wave 1 (coming in April 2022).

Replaced legacy table Customer Template by new Customer Template Table
New field in Setup -> Customer template, this should get a value. The new field has 20 characters instead of the old one which had 10 characters.

Code is changed to use this new field for creating customers with the values of the Customer Template.

E-mail Function
E-mail function is rewritten to a new standard.

Replaced for Images Blob to type Media

Table Tinx Image – Video Link

1. Using the Media or MediaSet data type provides better performance than using a BLOB data type and is more flexible in its design.
2. Conversion Script will transfer the Blob fields to the Media field. In the code, we have replaced the old field with the new field.

Download data with a Page Size in Magento REST
If you are downloading a lot of data (this can be products, customers, orders), let’s say 10.000 records you need to set a Page Limit to avoid Internal Errors in Magento.

This value will be added in the API call to Magento.

Download data in WooCommerce in batches
Check how many entities you want to download. Divide this number by the batch number. This is the no. of repeats which should be executed.

For an initial download set the following parameters on the dashboard line:
– Limit No. of Records
– No. of repeats (how many times should the API call be executed?)

This is the result:

AddressLine 3 (Magento)
Magento has the possibility to have 3 address lines In the registration form for a customer or address in an order.
We have extended the TINX Webshop Customer Address and TINX Sales Order table with a new address field: Address 3.

How to fill these fields? Go to the mapping for importing a customer or an order.
Search for the street line:

For these 3 address fields, we have the option to concatenate the individual fields to a complete address for usage in orders or customers.

You should add this line in the mapping: turn on the validate field

Product Tags (WooCommerce)
Product tags are another way to relate products to each other, next to product categories. Contrary to categories, there is no hierarchy in tags; so there are no “subtags.”
For example, if you sell clothing, and you have a lot of cat prints, you could make a tag for “cat.” Then add that tag to the menu or sidebar so cat lovers can easily find all t-shirts, hoodies, and pants with cat prints.

2 ways for assigning product tags to an item:
1. Add the tags into an Attribute Set, assign the Attribute Set to an item, the tags will automatically be assigned;
2. Assign tags manually on this new page:

All available tags are visible, check the tag to appear on the webshop.

Search for Webshop Item List
It was not possible to bookmark the Webshop Item List. We have added some properties to the page, so the page can be added to the Role Centre of a user. Without having some of the TINX Rolecentres assigned.

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