Release Tinx connector in Microsoft AppSource for Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce

As of 03-31-2022, release 26.1 is available in Microsoft AppSource for Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce.

This new release is compatible with BC 19 and BC20 wave 1 (coming april 2022)

Magento REST API: delete product
Fix: Delete was not working properly: Product ID on Item was not cleared, record from TINX Product table was not deleted. This has been fixed.

Magento REST API: formula as array
IMP: Option to send the outcome of a formula as an array value in the JSON. Brackets are added, at the start and end of the value.

Magento REST API: configurable items
The sections ‘configurable_product_options’ and ‘ configurable_product_links’ were missing in the product save message. These sections are now part of the 020 (if configured).

General changes

Option to execute several processes after importing an order:

To the Sales Channel card new 4 options are added:
– Release the Order
– Apply Invoice Discount
– Ship the Order (Post)
– Invoice the Order (Post)

You can activate these functions if they should be executed.
You need to add codeunit 11205756 “TINX Order Function Mgt. in the sync. Dashboard after creating the order in BC.

To apply Invoice Discount to an order this is the mapping to configure. Add 2 lines in the Order import message:
Line with field 122 should come from the Json or XML.

Assign Websites
Action ‘ Assign Websites’ added to default Item Page

Webshop Customer Groups
Added page Customer Price group to Setup in Role Centre.

Country Customer Template
Added new field Sales Channel to table Country Customer template

Report 11205290 Check Finished / Error Jobs
Added extra check if the inbound/outbound jobs are scheduled, if not the report will start the job automatically.

Metafields Assignment
When manually adding metafields to the page an error occurs. This has been fixed, by adding TestTableRelation = FALSE.

Concenating address 1 + 2 + 3 in Customer Address table
In table 11205276 TINX Customer Address an overflow occurs. This has been fixed.

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