Release Tinx connector in Microsoft AppSource for Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce

As of 05-06-2022, release 26.3 is available in Microsoft AppSource for Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce.

This new release is compatible with BC 19 and BC20 wave 1

New: Match New Customers on E-Mail & Global Dimensions
We have added an extra check to match new web customers with existing BC customers. Previous you could only match new web customers on their e-mail address. Now we have extended this with global dimensions. So the match will be made on the combination of their e-mail address and global dimension values.

On the Sales Channel, you can enter the values for Global dimensions 1 and 2.

In this example the Global Dimensions are ‘Department Code’ and ‘Customergroup Code’, but these labels can be different for each customer. It depends on how you have defined the Global Dimension Setup.

In the Setup you can select the option if you also want to match on Global Dimensions values in a Sales Channel:

When customers are downloaded with the function XXX-006 and the validate on field ‘ e-mail address’ is activated, the match will be executed.

New: Web Category Item Filters extended with table
You are now able to choose table 7505 Item Attribute Value Mapping (rather than only table 27 Item). This means you can also add dynamic filters to automatically populate the web category with items based on defined Item Attribute Values.

In cooperation with Report 11205808 TINX Assign Items to Web Category with Filters. This report should be scheduled in the Job Queue.

New: Location code is copied from Customer template to new Customer Card
If the location code has a value in the Customer template, this value will be copied to the Customer Card.

Lot Numbers
Variant code is added when creating reservation entries in codeunit TINX

New: Item Unit of Measure: Is Default Option
New field added to table & page ‘Is Default’ to decide which Item Unit is the default in case of options on an item.

New: Define status to remove Log Data
New field in Setup, so only sync. Ledger entries with these statuses are removed with report 11205251 TINX Remove Log History Data.

Fix: Element Count was ignored in case of JSON responses
When an empty response was received in JSON it was ignoring the ‘count_element’ parameter, defined in Dashboard Line. This has been fixed.

Fix: Image URL
When images were set to the source: URL (instead of file), the image was not visible in the factbox.

Fix: Report Copy Default Image to Tinx Image table
Each time a new copy was inserted in system tables 2000000185 en 2000000184 Tenant Media & Tenant Small Image. This has been fixed.

Captions added to PageExtension Object
Caption added to Page Extension objects, cause default pages did not appear in search results anymore. Could only be found on the PageExtension object name. -> bug in BC is fixed in 20.1

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