Release Tinx connector in Microsoft AppSource for Magento, Shopware, Shopify and WooCommerce

As of 11-25-2022, release 27.11 is available in Microsoft AppSource for Magento, Shopware, Shopify and WooCommerce.

This new release is compatible with BC18, BC19, BC20 and BC21

On Premise App releases are available on request of the partner & customer (this will be charged for 1 hour): please send an e-mail to
Provide the following information to us: Your name, your company name, customer or partner, your BC version and the build. Planning is to deliver the apps within 5 working days.

General Features

Is Variant
In the table Item by Sales Channel, a new field is added: “ Is Variant”. This field will be set to TRUE when a Variant Code is filled.

Report Send Stock 2 Web
When the report is run by Job Queue, records will be inserted in the Record Queue. Based on the table TINX Product.

Item by Sales Channel
When the field ‘Publish to Webshop’ is set to true, these additional functions will be run based on the settings in E-Commerce Integration Setup:

  • Insert Web text header
  • Insert web Item Extension
  • Insert Item by Website
  • Assign Default Attribute Set

B2B Item Prices Container
In several customer cases, we have seen that multiple prices are valid because the ‘old price’ is not closed by entering an ‘Ending Date’. Thus it becomes tough to filter out the right price and send the most recent price to the webshop.

To deal with these situations, we have created a new table, ‘ Item Price Container’.

In this table, all valid prices will be added by the report 11205301. Based on the settings in the Setup, the records will be copied from table 7001 to the new TINX item Price Container table.

First, define a Price Priority:

  • Unit Price
  • Starting Date
  • Create Date

Then within a chosen priority, define how the sorting should be done: Lowest / Highest, Latest / Earliest.

JSON Inbound processing
Several improvements to process inbound JSON responses.

Magento Connector

Customer Create
Add an additional section, ‘extension_attributes’, in the request. Set the data item to ‘ custom section’ = true.

Shopify Connector

Product Create
Check if the Unit Price has a value defined. If not, leave it out of the request.

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