Project management is about people getting things done

project management, business, technologyWant to burden your own employees with the integration as little as possible? Then have Tinx-IT take care of project management. Our experienced project managers know what’s needed and they know the challenges.

Clear objectives

A comforting thought, particularly when multiple parties are involved and you want to prevent miscommunication and delay. Our experienced project managers make clear agreements, monitor progress and distribute the tasks and responsibilities. They manage on the basis of clear objectives in the areas of time, budget and quality. And they lead your Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) – Magento integration project to a successful final result.

Our customer Sexy Hair says this:

Thanks to Tinx-IT and their very capable team we have managed our project with very good end results!

Project Approach

For our integration projects we have defined the following phases / activities:

  • Collecting requirements
  • Define where default Magento functionality differs from the customer epxectations
  • Collect the best Magento extensions to add functionality
  • Data-enrichment in the ERP system
  • Install & Configure the software for the integration
  • Testing of the integration
  • Go-live

Involve us for your project management

Want to work with experienced project managers on a smooth integration project? Contact us to manage your project in a very efficient way!