Magento B2B Pricing: customer / group pricing and item and customer discounts

We have developed a complete Magento B2B pricing solution to support B2B pricing within Magento. This Magento extension makes it possible to fully synchronise the Microsoft Dynamics NAV tables 7002 Sales Price and 7004 Sales Line Discount to Magento.

You can offer your customers their own pricing in Magento based on the customer discount groups ánd item discount groups within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It also supports customer specific pricing.

Standard Magento allows only tier pricing and group pricing for B2B customers. With this B2B pricing extension which is fully supported by API V2 you can give your customers the same pricing as in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it also supports multi currency per customer.

Prices and discounts within Microsoft Dynamics NAV

These type of sales prices / discounts are possible within standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), table 7002 is the Sales Price table and table 7004 is the Sales Line Discount table:


  • Discount on prices per Item Discount Group and Customer Discount Group (table 7004)
  • Discount on prices per Item Discount Group and Customer  (table 7004)
  • Discount on prices per Item and Customer Discount Group  (table 7004)
  • Discount on prices per Item and Customer  (table 7004)
  • Sales prices per Item per Customer (table 7002)
  • Sales prices per Item per Customer Price Group (table 7002)
  • Sales Prices per campaign (table 7002)

As you can see all pricing possibilites are now supported in Magento, thanks to our module.

How does the Magento B2B pricing module work?

On top of the Magento installation we are adding some additional custom attributes to the Product and Customer entity. This is part of the installation and doesn’t require to make changes to the Customer page.

  • Item Discount Group is an extra attribute for Product
  • Overview of the new attributes for a customer:

These extra attributes are populated from Microsoft Dynamics NAV with our Magento Connector.

Overview of customers which have installed the Magento B2B Pricing module

These customers are already working with the Magento B2B pricing module:

  • Currax (D)
  • Fleximark (SW)
  • Solar Century  (UK)
  • Boxercraft (USA)
  • Fourcroy (NL)
  • Thiim (DK)
  • Mustad (NL)
  • Bomborra Supplies (AU)
  • Gilson (UK)
  • Daxtrio (NL)
  • Bole (SE)
  • HeadOn (AU)

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