Configureer de Magento Connector eenvoudig zelf


Nieuwe producten in je assortiment of wijzig je een product? Alle productinformatie uit Business Central wordt automatisch gesynchroniseerd met je webshop.


Veranderingen in de voorraad in Business Central? Binnen 1 minuut is de voorraad van je webshop up-to-date.


Importeer orders uit Magento automatisch in Business Central en koppel de bestelling aan een bestaande of nieuwe klant. Gastbestellingen worden ondersteund.


Nieuwe klant geregistreerd in je webshop? Laat automatisch een klantenkaart of contactpersoon aanmaken in Business Central.

Order events

Magento-order geplaatst? Jij bepaalt welke order event geactiveerd wordt in Business Central. Release de order meteen of boek hem door.

Tracking Informatie

Je klant op de hoogte brengen van de status van de zending? Stuur eenvoudig de juiste trackinginformatie vanuit Business Central naar je Magento-klanten.


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Rick Harink, Head of Sales and Operations at Clip BV

We hebben onze nieuwe Magento website gelanceerd in 4 talen met meer dan 5000 producten voor zowel B2B als B2C. De Tinx Magento Connector helpt ons met product en order synchronisatie. Alles is binnen tijd en budget gerealiseerd. {Geweldige ondersteuning en een enthousiast team!}

Always up-to-date

The Magento connector operates in the cloud and is continuously updated. The latest versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the Magento API are always supported.

Need help? We’re here for you

After you’ve downloaded the connector, you get 1 hour of support for the implementation for free. Need more extensive support or have special requests? We have over 15 years of experience with integration projects and are happy to help.

Comprehensive logging & monitoring

All communication between Magento and Business Central is extensively logged. If something goes wrong, you’ll receive an email notification so you can take action quickly.

Works seamlessly with many apps

The Magento connector works seamlessly with apps such as Pebblestone, LS Retail, Aptean Food/Beverage, ITSuits fashion, and TRIMIT. Custom apps in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central are also supported.

Connect multiple webshops

Selling through multiple webshops? Then take advantage of our handy ‘multiple sales channel’ functionality. Decide for yourself what your customers have access to and which products you make available on which webshop.

Applicable to any industry

Our clients are active in industries including: Automotive, Bio & Green, Computers & Equipment, Fashion

Automatic synchronization

Quickly set up

Configurable for your situation

Waarom kiezen voor een connector van Tinx?

Aina Lindblom, Formasjon

How does the Tinx Magento Connector works?
Download the Magento connector in Microsoft AppSource

Try the app for free and without any obligation! Download the Tinx app from Microsoft AppSource and install the Magento Connector in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Connect Magento and Business Central

Create a Bearer token in the Magento backend and enter this key to the Sales Channel page in Business Central. That’s all you have to do, to create a link between Magento and Business Central!

Activate the integration processes

Determine which processes you want to activate and automate. Select the desired processes from the synchronization dashboard. Start automatic data exchange between Magento and Business Central right away.

Use our helpdesk

Our helpdesk is always ready to help you if you can’t find a solution.

Easily & automatically exchange data between a Magento webshop and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central!

Hoe werkt de Tinx Magento Connector?

We always provide standard & out-of-the-box integration flows with the Tinx app. In no time at all, your Magento webshop is linked with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and you receive all orders centrally.

  • New products in your assortment? Send all product information automatically to your webshop.
  • Need to display extra product information in your webshop? Easily add new product properties such as descriptions, attributes, categories, and images.
  • Changes in stock? Within 1 minute, they’re online in your webshop! You decide the formulas for calculating stock and for which locations this applies.
  • New customer registered in your webshop? Automatically create a customer card  or contact with all details in Business Central.
  • Import all Magento orders smoothly into Business Central. How do you want to process these webshop orders in Business Central? As an order on a general customer or do you create the order for a specific customer? The choice is yours!
  • Determine which order status is activated. Do you want to release the webshop order immediately or book it through? No problem with the Tinx Connector.
  • Want to keep your customer informed about the shipment status? Easily send the correct tracking information from BC to your customer.
  • Selling through multiple webshops? That’s also possible with the handy multiple sales channel functionality in the Tinx Connector. Determine which customers get access to which channel. Decide which products should be available per webshop.
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Flexibele oplossing voor een Magento B2B - Business Central integratie, wij hebben de Tinx Magento connector geimplementeerd bij een klant van ons. We zijn zeer tevreden met de aanpasbaarheid van de oplossing

Installation is easy, if you need help, you can book 1 hour of free consultation with one of the Tinx professionals! (Only for BC SaaS apps)

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