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Gordon Liljegren, CEO

Flexible Magento Connector, easy to scale up.

We engaged Tinx when transitioning from Dynamics NAV to Business Central Cloud. Initially, we integrated basic aspects like sales orders. It's easy to add more complex features like product variants or multi-store. The app is flexible and adapts to your needs. The support is fast and efficient.


Good basic Shopware connector

When we started with the migration of Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 our business case really needed a connector between Shopware 6 and Dynamics. This connector is a basic connector for Shopware 6 but gives a lot of posibilities for customizations. Every business case has its own requirements so you need support and adjustments from Tinx. Tinx helped us in a flexible way to achieve our goals and is still suporting us with new requests. The support of Tinx regarding issues and bugs of the connector and customizations is quick.

Hans Werps, Producer

Magento <-> Business Central efficiency

We've been using the Tinx Connector for many years. Starting from Navision 2009/2015, we used it to connect to our Magento 1 webshop. With the transition to Business Central and Adobe/Magento Commerce Cloud, we've continued to evolve with the Tinx solutions to make these packages communicate with each other and work as efficiently as possible

Simon Luxford, Finance Director

Perfect solution for Magento -> Business Central integration!

We've been using the Tinx Magento Connector for years and recently made the switch from Navision 2009 to Business Central. They listen well to our needs and provide efficient solutions. I wholeheartedly recommend their Magento integration services!

Þórarinn Þór, Owner

Seamless Integration & Efficient Management

Fenix ehf has been using the Tinx WooCommerce Connector since February. This tool seamlessly connects Microsoft Business Central and WooCommerce, improving our efficiency and reducing manual errors. The Connector has a user-friendly interface and excellent customer service. We highly recommend Tinx for companies seeking a reliable integration between Microsoft Business Central and WooCommerce. Well done, Tinx team!

Etienne Le Neveu NAV/Business Central Presales & Solution Manager

Shopify Connector: A time-saving solution!

Quick to install and set up; this app simplifies integration with your Shopify webshop. Also, the top-notch support from the Tinx team is very helpful.

Jesus Trejo, IT Director

Shopify Connector: Intuitive installation with comprehensive documentation

We've tried various alternatives and have decided to proceed with this option. So far, everything is going well!

Vicki Brownrigg, General Manager Operations & IT

The Magento Connector is flexible for scaling up and adaptable to business needs.

Since 2013, we've been working with Tinx. We used their connector for NAV2013, NAV 2016, and now Business Central in conjunction with the Magento 1 webshop, and now Magento 2. Tinx has always been adaptable to our changing needs, such as multiple websites, inventory sources, and customizations. It's an affordable and easy-to-implement solution, and the team is knowledgeable and helpful.

Andrea Meyer, Head of Finance

The Tinx WooCommerce Connector works great!

Our client recently launched their WooCommerce webshop. Orders are seamlessly processed automatically in Business Central. Most of the connector settings were ready after installing the app; only a few adjustments were needed. Our client is extremely satisfied, and Tinx is always available for questions.

Wouter van de Castel, Business Process Manager

Upgrade BC13 to BC20

This year, we performed an upgrade from BC13 to BC20. Our consultant had excellent knowledge of both BC and Magento2 and was pleasant to work with. We successfully completed the upgrade without any issues.

Jannick Svejstrup, WoodUpp

Very nice app

They are very nice, professional and fast at Tinx-IT. We have been collaborating wtih them for a couple of years now, and are very happy. Also been using their WooCommerce connector for quite a while as well.

Fabian Kaempfer, Project Manager

Exactly what we were looking for!

The Tinx Connector seamlessly links our Shopify webshops to BC. Despite the complexity of different VAT regulations between our American and European webshops, the connector effortlessly manages this. The Tinx team is excellent and optimized everything to perfection. Very satisfied and highly recommended!

Rick Harink, Head of Sales & Operations

Business Central – Magento solution for Bunzlau Castle webshop

We've launched our new Magento 2 website in 4 languages with 5000+ products. We serve both B2B and B2C customers from a warehouse with daily high transaction volumes. The Tinx Magento 2 Connector sends products to Magento and retrieves orders to BC. With the assistance of consultant Kasper, everything was executed within time and budget. Excellent support and a dedicated team!

Krister Wihinen, CFO

Reliable Shopify Connector!

Robust connector to integrate Shopify with Business Central. Fairly quick and easy to install, it provides many features and solutions for business-specific issues. The support from the Tinx team also works excellently!


Shopify Connector works perfectly with Business Central on-premise

The connector works very smoothly with the on-premises version of BC. So far, we haven't encountered any issues with it.


Highly flexible Shopify Connector

We have a highly complex international setup with multiple VAT accounts. Therefore, we needed various customer templates based on the delivery address. This was the only app that provided us with the required flexibility to customize the inbound and outbound messages between BC and Shopify. Also, a great team that understands Swiss and EU tax regulations.

Aina Lindblom, Web & Graphic Designer

Flexible solution for B2B Magento 2 – Business Central integration

We've been using the Tinx Magento Connector for one of our clients for six months now, and we're very satisfied with how flexible and adaptable the solution is, as well as how service-oriented the people at Tinx are. They are solution-oriented and provide advice to optimize the workflow, even beyond the scope of the connector.


Good & flexible Shopware Connector

We were looking for a flexible connector that, on one hand, fits our Shopware webshop and, on the other hand, is capable of handling custom fields and developments. With this connector, we found a good solution, and thanks to the consultants and developers at Tinx, we were able to implement the Shopware Connector quickly.


Flexible solution for Shopify webshop!

A good and flexible solution for data integration between Business Central and Shopify. It has met all of our requirements so far, and we will definitely expand to multiple webshops in the future.

Florian Schmitt, E-commerce Director & Architect

Our #1 integration solution between BC and Magento

Since 2014, we have been using the Tinx Connector for clients to synchronize standard and custom APIs. We appreciate the quick implementation, and clients are happy to adjust their mappings themselves after going live. We definitely recommend the Tinx Connector :)

Gerd von der Lage, CEO

Great Business Central Connector!

Very satisfied with the Tinx Connector. Definitely a recommendation.

Martin Petersen, Business Development Manager

Great teamwork and a professional company!

The Tinx team has been very helpful and professional from the beginning. Even with a tight schedule, we managed to go live on the desired day. I can definitely recommend Tinx to any company looking for an effective business partner that helps with the growth of their business. With Tinx, you are in very safe hands.

Barb Heath, Customer Experience Manager

Thank you to Sam & Rene!

The Tinx team helped us connect our WooCommerce webshop with BC. It's no small feat, that's for sure. It works perfectly, and the support to achieve this was fantastic. Thank you to Sam & Rene!

Nicola Casamassima, Manager Dynamics 365

Reliable & fast support!

All companies we've connected to WooCommerce in Business Central through the Tinx Connector are working great! All orders and items synchronize automatically. The support is reliable and fast.

Mike Ferragamo Vice President Sales

It was a relatively simple implementation

Well-written code with extensive assistance, it was an easy implementation.

Jens Østergaard, COO

All web orders are automatically created in Business Central!

All web orders are automatically created in BC, and customers are matched via email. New customers and products are easily created in the WooCommerce webshop directly from BC. During the implementation, we had a great collaboration with the Tinx team, who have been very helpful.