Product Information Management (PIM) in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, it is only limited possible to manage product information in a structured way. The data has a limited depth and is, therefore, unsuitable for webshops and marketplaces. That’s why we offer an advanced Product Information Management (PIM) solution with all Tinx E-commerce Connectors (excluding Amazon).

What can you actually do with PIM data in Business Central?
Let’s first look at the definition of a PIM.

Wikipedia defines PIM as:

Product information management (PIM) means managing the information required to market and sell products through distribution channels. 


Forget endless internal spreadsheet sharing and manual processes that lead to delays, errors, and inconsistent information. With the Tinx PIM solution, you can stay focused on delivering accurate, comprehensive and enhanced content to your customers – anywhere, anytime.

Click here to watch the video of the primary functions within the Tinx PIM solution in Business Central.

Primary functions within the Tinx PIM solution in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Give your products the best commercial description by applying specific e-commerce titles, short and long descriptions
  • Define SEO-optimised metadata for a product, such as meta title and meta description
  • Create attractive combinations of products for an optimal customer experience based on: bundled, grouped and configurable items
  • Increase your international sales opportunities by offering your products in multiple languages
  • Add unlimited images and video links (YouTube and Vimeo) to a product or variant
  • Define a good product structure based on category and attribute information for the best customer experience
  • Enrich your products with relevant, unique characteristics (attributes)
  • Include flexible tags and labels with your products for ultimate online flexibility
  • Sell ​​your products through various webshops and marketplaces using a multi sales-channel approach
  • Make your different webshops and marketplaces unique by providing each platform (sales channel) with its own PIM data
  • Increase your sales opportunities by establishing cross-sell and up-sell relationships or by linking products to each other as related products

Thanks to its flexible structure, the Tinx PIM solution can effortlessly handle 3rd-party apps from well-known players such as LS Retail, IT Suits Fashion, Pebblestone, TRIMIT, etc.

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