Configure the MplusKASSA Connector easily yourself.


New products in your assortment or are you changing a product? All product information from Business Central is automatically synchronized with your webshop.


Changes in the stock in Business Central? Within 1 minute, the stock of your webshop is up-to-date.


Import orders from Shopware automatically into Business Central and link the order to an existing or new customer. Guest orders are supported.


New customer registered in your webshop? Automatically create a customer card or contact in Business Central.

Order events

MplusKASSA order placed? You decide which order event is activated in Business Central. Release the order immediately or book it through.

Tracking Information

Keep your customer informed about the status of the shipment? Easily send the correct tracking information from Business Central to your MplusKASSA customers.

Save on labor hours by entering data only once in Business Central. All cash register data is updated directly and automatically! Achieve FTE savings by no longer maintaining duplicates in Business Central. All cash register data is automatically updated instantly!


The 10 reasons to choose the Tinx MplusKASSA Connector

  1. Guaranteed Up-to-Date: Tinx software follows the roadmap of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  2. Latest API Compatibility: Software stays current with the latest MplusKASSA API version
  3. Tinx is a technology partner of MplusKASSA, providing access to the development department of MplusKASSA at all times
  4. We collaborate with certified MplusKASSA dealers. For instance, we have undertaken projects with STN Kassasystemen and WEKA
  5. Try Before You Buy: Test the software first and experience its benefits! Available as a free trial on Microsoft AppSource
  6. Free 1-Hour Support: Get a free 1-hour support session after downloading the Tinx app to quickly get started with the software (BC SaaS only)
  7. Seamless Integration: The software works in conjunction with apps like Pebblestone, LS Retail, Aptean Food/Beverage, ITSuits fashion, TRIMIT and custom apps in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  8. User-Friendly Customization: No need to navigate a complex system; the user interface in Business Central is configurable and adaptable. Want to map a field differently? It’s easily done
  9. Proven software: on the market since 2020 and widely used in the stores of Residence Wijnen, De Gouden Ton, Thiessen Wijnkopers, and Hansen Dranken
  10. Real-Time Insight: Always stay informed with real-time status updates of the software, including extensive logging and email notifications for all communication between MplusKASSA and Business Central

Create an omnichannel shopping experience

Download a 14 day free trial version from AppSource

Process cash receipts directly in Business Central

Determine which order events are activated. Do you want to release the cash register invoice immediately or even post it manually? No problem with the Tinx Connector


How does the Tinx MplusKASSA Connector works?

Get started quickly and easily

Download a free version of the MplusKASSA Connector

Try the app for free and without any obligation! Download the Tinx app from Microsoft AppSource and install the Adobe Commerce Connector in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Connect MplusKASSA and Business Central

Create an API key in MplusKASSA and add it to Business Central.

Activate the integration processes

Determine which processes you want to activate and automate. Select the desired processes from the synchronization dashboard. Start automatic data exchange between MplusKASSA and Business Central right away.

Use our helpdesk

Our helpdesk is always ready to help you if you can’t find a solution.

Easily & automatically exchange data between MplusKASSA and Business Central!

Probeer de MplusKASSA connector gratis uit

We always provide standard & out-of-the-box integration flows with the Tinx app, so in no time, your MplusKASSA is linked with Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Always have real-time insight into cash register sales from the store(s) in Business Central
  • Adding new products to your assortment? Automatically send all product information to the cash register
  • Need to display additional product information at the cash register? Easily add new product attributes
  • Inventory changes? They’ll be online in the cash register within 1 minute! You determine the formulas for calculating inventory and which locations this applies to
  • New customer registered in MplusKASSA? Automatically create a customer card or contact person with all data in Business Central
  • Seamlessly import all MplusKASSA receipts into Business Central. How do you want to process them in Business Central? As an invoice to a general customer, or do you create the sales invoice with a specific customer number? The choice is yours!
  • Book cash receipts by payment method (cash, card, gift cards, on credit) to the correct general ledger account in Business Central for financial insight
  • Determine which order events are activated. Do you want to release the cash register invoice immediately or even post it manually? No problem with the Tinx Connector
  • Do you sell through both the cash register and an online store? That’s possible too with the handy multiple sales channel functionality in the Tinx Connector. Decide which customers have access to which channel. Determine which products should be available
  • Process receipts that have been booked under promotions, breakage, or internal use (known as BPE receipts) immediately in Business Central. Create these receipts in Business Central as, for example, credit invoices or as article journal entries of negative stock correction type in the article journal
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Installation is easy, if you need help, you can book 1 hour of free consultation with one of the Tinx professionals! (Only for BC SaaS apps)

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