Save valuable time and money with our Magento B2B Extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Magento 2 is one the most advanced webshop platforms for both B2C and B2B. However, when it comes to showing advanced ERP information, certain key functionalities are missing. We’ve solved that by creating our own in-house extensions, meant for the B2B market. These B2B modules create additional layers on top of your Magento 2 shop that essentially allows you to create a customer self-service portal. The B2B extensions give your customer direct access to historical information and price agreements coming from your ERP that would otherwise only be accessible via your (after) sales team, therefore saving you valuable time and money.

Empower your business by adding the B2B features described below:

B2B Pricing and discounts: Apply your ERP pricing logic to the webshop with control over entities like: customer, customer group, product, product group, sales price, sales discount, tier pricing, and multi-currency.

B2B Customer portal: Show your customers real-time historical account information straight from Business Central with our Magento B2B Customer portal.

B2B Customer items: B2B customers can find products in the webshop through the search bar, using their own internal product numbers.

B2B Multiple Units of Measure: Sell your items in different packaging units based on the Unit of Measure (UOM) entity in Business Central. This module also works great with the B2B Pricing & Discount module.

Magento Open Source B2B modules for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

One single source of truth

Reduce customer complaints

No use of middleware

Process more orders with same resource

Fully support of web API

No more doubly data entry

Tinx-IT Magento B2B extension solutions

B2B Pricing and discount module for Magento

Give your customers the same price and discount as in Business Central.

B2B Customer portal for Magento

Provide customers with real-time information directly from Business Central.

B2B Customer items module for Magento

Let customers search on your webshop based on their own product numbers.

B2B Multiple Units of Measure for Magento

Display and sell any unit of measure of one of your products on your webshop.