Save valuable time and money with our Magento B2B Extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV

Magento 2 is one the most advanced webshop platforms for B2C and B2B. The B2B modules are an extra layer on top of your Magento 2 shop. This enables you to provide better service and personalization for your B2B customers and or agencies. The B2B extensions make it possible to manage all your data in one place. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV pushes information to your Magento 2 webshop or synchronize information from Magento 2 shop to your Business Central/NAV.

Empower your business by adding/using some of the B2B features described below:

Multiple Buyers: Let different members of the company buy products from one single account

Permissions: Enable a company structure by providing a hierarchy and make different users and permissions to the company members. Control certain tasks like: creating quotes, orders, purchases, and more.
A seller can set requirements on how the buying company can use the website. For example including payments operators, pricing & discounts, or the ability to negotiate on pricing and enabling to create of requisition lists.

Buy on credit: Companies can buy in credit via the option Pay on Account. The seller can set up credit for a company or manage those settings.

Shared catalogs: Make personalized pricing levels that help you to make custom prices per product for different companies or multiple websites. Sellers can give certain companies a catalog without other companies seeing this information. In this case, you can make different pricing for different customer groups. Which helps you to give a personalized approach towards your customers. This increases the customer experience and also the possibility of buying products from your business.

Negotiate pricing & discounts: The seller and buyer of a company can negotiate on the price of an order before order placement. This means that before placing an order the buyer can negotiate about the pricing and discounts with the seller. The Negotiation can be submitted, reviewed, and modified a couple of times before it is transferred to an order.

One single source of truth

No more costly errors as a result of manual order processing

No more delays in order fulfillment

Reduce customer complaints

No use of middleware

Process more orders with same resource

Fully support of web API

No more doubly data entry

Tinx-IT Magento B2B extension solutions

B2B Pricing & Discount Module for Magento

Activate product ranges and item groups with customer specific prices for corporate B2B customers and regular customers.

B2B Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Portal for Magento

Allow your customers to view additional account information in their Magento My Account / Customer Portal area straight out of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

B2B Customer Items Module for Magento

Allow your customers to search on their own SKU / part number in the Magento webshop. Information from the Item Cross Reference table will be available in Magento.

B2B Multiple Units of Measure for Magento

Do you want to sell your items in different packaging units? With our new module ‘Multiple item units of measure,’ this is possible. The module works seamlessly with the B2B Pricing & Discount module.

5 reasons to use our Magento B2B extensions in your Magento B2B webshop 

Automate financial entry

Improve customer satisfaction: customer specific prices & discounts

No double data entry: sync all prices and discounts from NAV to Magento

Enter new markets: by defining Price Lists for targeted customer groups

Explore new challenges and opportunities

Seeing is believing. We’ll gladly show you how to use
our Magento B2B extensions solutions to grow your business!

Use our smart Magento B2B extensions in your webshop to increase customer satisfaction