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Configure the Shopify Connector easily yourself or by Tinx


New products in your assortment or are you updating a product? All product information from Microsoft Dynamics 3655 Business Central is automatically synchronized with your Shopify webshop.



Changes in the stock in Business Central? Within 1 minute, the stock of your Shopify webshop is up-to-date.


Import orders from Shopify automatically into Business Central and link the order to an existing or new customer. Guest orders are supported.


New customer registered in your webshop? Automatically create a customer card or contact in Business Central.

Order events

Shopify order placed? You decide which order event is activated in Business Central. Release the order immediately or book it through.

Tracking Information

Keep your customer informed about the status of the shipment? Easily send the correct tracking information from Business Central to your customers.

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Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Shopify

Discover the differences between the Tinx Shopify Connector and Microsoft Shopify Connector

Which solution is the best for your company?

Since Microsoft has launched their own Shopify Connector, many people keep asking us: What is the difference between the Tinx connector and the one from Microsoft. We have written some extended articles to inform you. You can read all blogs here:


The Tinx Shopify Connector seamlessly links our Shopify webshops to Business Central. Despite the complexity of different VAT regulations between our American and European webshops, the Tinx Shopify connector effortlessly manages this. The Tinx team is excellent and optimized everything to perfection. Very satisfied and highly recommended!

Fabian Kempfer, Project Manager, Eleven Australia

The 10 reasons to choose the Tinx Shopify Connector

  1. Guaranteed Up-to-Date: Tinx software follows the roadmap of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  2. Latest API Compatibility: Software stays current with the latest Shopify API version.
  3. Try Before You Buy: Test the software first and experience its benefits! Available as a free trial on Microsoft AppSource; read the reviews here.
  4. Free 1-Hour Support: Get a free 1-hour support session after downloading the Tinx app to quickly get started with the software (BC SaaS only)
  5. Seamless Integration: The software works in conjunction with apps like Pebblestone, LS Retail, Aptean Food/Beverage, ITSuits fashion, TRIMIT and custom apps in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  6. User-Friendly Customization: No need to navigate a complex system; the user interface in Business Central is configurable and adaptable. Want to map a field differently? It’s easily done.
  7. Proven Software: Trusted in the market since 2004 and widely used by clients such as LFE, Clip Quality Brands, LC Designs, Nordiska RUM, Shorty’s Liquor, ColorFabb, and many more.
  8. Real-Time Insight: Always stay informed with real-time status updates of the software, including extensive logging and email notifications for all communication between Shopify and Business Central.
  9. Industry-Specific Solutions: Horizontal solutions tailored for industries including Food & Beverages, Fashion, Packaging Materials, Computers & Equipment, Automotive, Sports, Outdoor & Leisure.
  10. Global Partner Network: A worldwide network of partners ensures localized implementation and customized support.

Curious about the differences between the Tinx Shopify Connector and the native Shopify Connector? Check out our blog for detailed insights!


Extend your global Sales

Download a 14 Day free trial version in Microsoft AppSource

Process orders much faster

Robust connector to integrate Shopify with Business Central. Quick and easy to install, it offers many features and solutions for business-specific challenges. The support from the Tinx team is also superb!

Krister Wihinen, CFO at Puhdistamo

How does the Tinx Shopify Connector works?

Get started quickly and easily

Download a free version of the Shopify Connector

Try the app for free and without any obligation! Download the Tinx app from Microsoft AppSource and install the Tinx Shopify Connector in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Connect Shopify and Business Central

Create an API key in Shopify and add it to Business Central to authorize the Tinx app for access to Shopify.

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Activate the integration processes

Determine which processes you want to activate and automate. Select the desired processes from the synchronization dashboard. Start automatic data exchange between Shopify and Business Central right away.

Use our helpdesk

Our helpdesk is always ready to help you if you can’t find a solution.

Easily & automatically exchange data between Shopify and Business Central!

Try the Shopify connector for free!

We always provide standard & out-of-the-box integration flows with the Tinx app, so in no time, your Shopify webshop is linked with Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • New products in your assortment? Automatically send all product information to your webshop.
  • Want to display additional product information in your webshop? Easily add new product properties such as descriptions, metafields, collections, and images.
  • Changes in stock? They’ll be online in your webshop within a minute! You determine the formulas for calculating the stock and for which locations this applies.
  • A new customer registered in your webshop? Automatically create a customer card or contact with all the details in Business Central.
  • Flawlessly import all Shopify orders into Business Central. How do you want to process these webshop orders in Business Central? As an order for a general customer or do you create the order for a specific customer? The choice is yours!
  • Decide which order statuses get activated. Do you want to release the webshop order immediately or post it? No problem with the Tinx Connector.
  • Want to keep your customer informed about the shipment status? Easily send the correct tracking information from BC to your customer.
  • Selling through multiple webshops? That’s also possible with the handy multiple sales channel functionality in the Tinx Connector. Decide which customers have access to which channel. Determine which products should be available per webshop.
  • Integrate your physical store (powered by Shopify POS) with BC in the same way as your Shopify webshop.
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