Configure the WooCommerce Connector easily yourself.


New products in your assortment or are you changing a product? All product information from Business Central is automatically synchronized with your webshop.


Changes in the stock in Business Central? Within 1 minute, the stock of your webshop is up-to-date.


Import orders from Woo automatically into Business Central and link the order to an existing or new customer. Guest orders are supported.


New customer registered in your webshop? Automatically create a customer card or contact in Business Central.

Order events

Woo order placed? You decide which order event is activated in Business Central. Release the order immediately or book it through.

Tracking Information

Keep your customer informed about the status of the shipment? Easily send the correct tracking information from Business Central to your customers.

The Tinx team helped us connect our existing WooCommerce webshop with Business Central. It works perfectly, and the support to achieve this was fantastic!

Barb Heath, Customer Experience Manager at Uriel Pharmacy

New! Our standard WooCommerce integration packages: fast implementation, fixed scope, quick live launch for a fixed price!

In our standard WooCommerce integration packages, efficiency, reliability, and speed are paramount. We offer 4 standard integration services at a fixed price and with a defined scope, so you know exactly what to expect without any surprises afterwards.

Why choose the Tinx WooCommerce Connector?

Always up to date

The WooCommerce connector works in the cloud and is continuously updated. The latest versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the WooCommerce REST API are always supported.

Are you having trouble finding something? We help you

After you download the connector, you will receive 1 hour of free implementation support. Do you need more extensive support or do you have special wishes? We have over 15 years of experience with integration projects and are happy to help you.

Extensive logging & monitoring

All communication between WooCommerce and Business Central is extensively logged. Is something going wrong? You will then receive an email notification so that you can take action quickly.

Works seamlessly with many apps

The WooCommerce connector works seamlessly with apps such as Pebblestone, LS Retail, Aptean Food/Beverage, ITSuits fashion and TRIMIT. Custom apps in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central are also supported.

Link multiple web shops

Do you sell through multiple web shops? Then use our handy ‘multiple sales channel’ functionality. Decide for yourself what you give customers access to and which products you make available in which webshop.

Can be used for any industry

Our customers are active in: Automotive, Bio & Green, Computer & Equipment, Fashion

Worldwide Sales

Automatic synchronization

Configurable for your situation

Fenix ehf has been using the Tinx WooCommerce Connector since February. This tool seamlessly connects Microsoft Business Central and WooCommerce, improving our efficiency and reducing manual errors. The Connector has a user-friendly interface and excellent customer service. We highly recommend Tinx for companies seeking a reliable integration between Microsoft Business Central and WooCommerce.

Fenix, Þórarinn Þór, Owner

How does the Tinx WooCommerce works?

Get started quickly and easily

Download the WooCommerce Connector in Microsoft AppSource

Try the app for free and without any obligation! Download the Tinx app from Microsoft AppSource and install the WooCommerce Connector in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with WooCommerce

We will guide you in our support articles, step by step through the process.

Arrange everything the way you want

Determine which processes you want to activate and automate. Choose the desired processes from the synchronization dashboard. Start immediately with automatic data exchange between WooCommerce and Business Central. Almost everything can be arranged as standard in Tinx.

Use our helpdesk

Our helpdesk is always ready to help you if you can’t find a solution.

Easily & automatically exchange data between a WooCommerce webshop and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central!

WooCommerce webshop and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central!

We always provide standard & out-of-the-box integration flows with the Tinx app. In no time at all, your Woo webshop is linked with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and you receive all orders centrally.

  • New products in your assortment? Send all product information automatically to your webshop.
  • Need to display extra product information in your webshop? Easily add new product properties such as descriptions, attributes, categories, and images.
  • Changes in stock? Within 1 minute, they’re online in your webshop! You decide the formulas for calculating stock and for which locations this applies.
  • New customer registered in your webshop? Automatically create a customer card  or contact with all details in Business Central.
  • Import all WooCommerce orders smoothly into Business Central. How do you want to process these webshop orders in Business Central? As an order on a general customer or do you create the order for a specific customer? The choice is yours!
  • Determine which order status is activated. Do you want to release the webshop order immediately or book it through? No problem with the Tinx Connector.
  • Want to keep your customer informed about the shipment status? Easily send the correct tracking information from BC to your customer.
  • Selling through multiple webshops? That’s also possible with the handy multiple sales channel functionality in the Tinx Connector. Determine which customers get access to which channel. Decide which products should be available per webshop.
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Installation is easy, if you need help, you can book 1 hour of free consultation with one of the Tinx professionals! (Only for BC SaaS apps)

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Consider your item and inventory data in Business Central as the single source of truth. All data is updated instantly and automatically!