Erica Hoekerd, CEO Tinx

Erica Hoekerd


“As CEO, I am responsible for Tinx’s strategy. I am also active in product development and technical project support. When I’m not working for my company, I perform sports and like to garden and read books about entrepreneurship.”

Bob van der Lelie, Senior Sales Executive Tinx

Bob van der Lelie

Sr. Sales Executive

“My main role within Tinx is to generate new business. In practice, this includes all commercial steps required between the first point of contact (for which my colleague Sven lays the foundation) and the eventual handover to our project team. In my spare time, I keep myself busy with computer-related stuff, enjoy playing online games, jump on the mountain bike from time to time, and hang out with my three kids.”

René van Veldhuyzen, Sr. Technical Consultant Tinx

René van Veldhuyzen

Sr. Technical Consultant

“As a technician, I helped Tinx make the transition to the new technology of Business Central. Partly because of this, we, as Tinx, are at the forefront in this age of SaaS and Cloud, and we can offer our customers a solution that uses the latest technological solutions. I like to share my knowledge with colleagues in order to deliver the best solutions for our customers. At home, I like to go out in nature with the family. Also, I like to cycle and walk.”

Kasper Dissel, Consultant Tinx

Kasper Dissel


“As a Consultant, I am responsible for data flows. I translate the integration wishes of the customer into our product and ensure that the connection between both systems runs smoothly. Besides my work I like to work on webshops, you will find me out and about (often with family), and I like to play a game on my game consoles. If you want to realize a complex solution with our product, I will be happy to help you!”

Sam Weel, Consultant Tinx

Sam Weel


“As a Consultant at Tinx, I implement our e-commerce connectors for our customers. I am in constant dialogue with end customers worldwide in order to achieve the desired integration. In my spare time I like to walk the “Gelderse klompenpaden” with my wife and son, I like to travel, and I like to listen to music from all kinds of genres.”

Lamis Taliaa, Consultant Tinx

Lamis Taliaa


“As a Consultant, I am the link between the customer’s wishes and the Tinx solutions. I help them realize seamless integrations between ERP & E-commerce platforms. In this position, I ensure a good relationship with all of our customers. What problem is the customer trying to solve? What is the best solution? I help our customers with these kinds of questions. In my spare time, I like cycling and all kinds of sports, especially aerobics. Nothing makes me happier than doing my volunteer work as a soup maker at a second-hand shop.”

Miranda Grift-Vrolijk, Finance Tinx

Miranda Grift-Vrolijk

Financial Administrative Assistant

“As a financial administrative assistant, I am responsible for Tinx’s finances together with my colleague Erica. Besides my work, I enjoy swimming, walking, reading, travelling, cooking and being with family/friends.”

Sven van Tessel, Junior Sales Consultant Tinx

Sven van Tessel

Junior Sales Consultant

“As a Junior Sales Consultant, I am the first point of contact for customers and partners. I will make sure to find out their needs and help them further with an appropriate answer. I ride a motorcycle in my spare time and enjoy spending time with friends and family.”

Anne Beekman


“As a consultant at Tinx, I help customers during the implemention process of our software. I live on a farm with my partner, horses, dogs, chickens and a fat cat. In my spare time I'm most of the time somewhere outside with one of my animals.”

Jos van der Lee, (Partner) Account Manager Tinx

Jos van der Lee

(Partner) Account Manager

“As (Partner) Account Manager, I am responsible for expanding and maintaining our partner channel. In addition, I invest the necessary time in maintaining relationships with our existing customers. I spend my free time with my family and grandchildren (I am the “grandfather” within Tinx). With the chairmanship of the local volleyball association (where I also play recreationally), the week is well-filled.”

Jeroen Vos

Junior Marketeer

“As a Junior Marketer at Tinx, I am responsible for everything related to marketing. This includes keeping the website up-to-date and developing marketing campaigns where I leverage my creative skills. The goal is to increase brand awareness and effectively reach the target audience. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, or taking a afternoon stroll in the forest with my loyal four-legged companion. ”

Paul van Barneveld, Consultant Tinx

Paul van Barneveld


“As a Consultant, I am the customer’s point of contact during the implementation process of the Tinx software. Together with the developers, I translate the customer’s wishes into technical solutions. Tinx goes till the end with one goal: satisfied customers!”

Matthijs Koelewijn

Matthijs Koelewijn


“As a Consultant with a great development perspective, I am your partner in realizing technological solutions. I translate your wishes into a user-friendly reality and believe that anything is possible. In my free time, I experiment with hardware and explore new technologies, which helps me understand the complexity of each challenge. My ‘can-do’ mentality means I don’t say no easily and am always looking for ways to achieve your goals. Your satisfaction is my ultimate goal, and I will do everything I can to make it happen.”

Marcel Veekens

Senior Developer

“At Tinx, I'm mainly involved in product development and maintaining the current Tinx applications. Additionally, I contribute to further optimizing the development processes. In my free time, I enjoy sports, hiking, gardening, and expanding my LP collection.”

Jesper de Winkel


“As a dedicated support staff member, I strive to provide our customers with the best service possible. With a deep passion for technology and a focus on effective problem-solving, I am ready to assist customers with all their inquiries and challenges. In my free time, I enjoy exploring new technological developments and relaxing by playing board and video games. Additionally, I am an enthusiastic soccer fan. With my broad interest in technology and my commitment to customer satisfaction, I am determined to contribute to the success of our customers.”

Jelle Janssens

Magento Developer

“As a Magento developer, I think knowing what motivates customers to spend extra money on their webshop is important. Outside of work, I like to go for a walk and look for mental challenges for our dogs.”

Muhammad Saqib, Sr. Developer Tinx

Muhammad Saqib

Sr. Developer

“At Tinx, I am responsible for developing and maintaining the Tinx applications. Often I'm busy with the research and development for the new features and improvement of the existing features. In my free time, I spend time with my kids. I love to spend my time and money on my cars too.”