Show your customers real-time historical account information straight from Business Central with Magento B2B Dynamics 365 Customer portal

Our Customer portal extension allows you to easily add extra menus in the account section of Magento, that display real-time historical customer information from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This gives your customers direct access to documents that would otherwise have to be handled by your staff manually.
Due to the configurable nature of the extension, you can decide what Business Central information the customer has access to within their account area.

With our B2B Dynamics 365 Customer portal module you are able to:
• Add an ERP customer portal to the customer account section in Magento.
• Show Business Central customer-related data of your choice in the account section of Magento.
• Show common ERP data like invoices, shipments, RMA, credit limit information
• Quick reorder of previous ERP orders
• Connect to any Business Central table of your choice, depending on the information that you require online.
• Produce PDF files from the documents shown online.
• Give different types of customers different levels of clearance concerning information shown.
• Fully support headless Magento setups.

How can it be real-time?
The information shown to the end-customer in the webshop is not actually stored in Magento. Instead, when the customer requests certain information (by clicking on that menu button) the module makes a real-time API connection to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central through a web service (specified by the ERP partner) to fetch the requested information. The module will then show the information coming from Microsoft Dynamics Business Central in a table overview.

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Type of information which is shown in the B2B webshop

Open Orders
56 %
Return Orders
25 %
83 %
Sales Shipments
43 %

5 reasons to use our Magento B2B Dynamics 365 Customer portal

Insight into invoices

Improve customer satisfaction

Insight into back-orders

Repeat orders

Real-time insight into order status

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