We integrate e-commerce, marketplaces & POS solutions into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Tinx is a trusted advisor and integration specialist of e-commerce/marketplaces and POS solutions into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. We design, develop and implement standard software solutions that integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. We have helped more than 350 customers to make the transition into e-commerce. Our standard integration software works out of the box for the following e-commerce platforms: Magento, Adobe Commerce, Shopware, WooCommerce, Shopify, Amazon, ChannelEngine, CloudSuite and MplusKASSA POS. For Magento and Adobe Commerce, we have developed several B2B extensions so that you can offer your customer the best customer experience they need to order regularly.

Our solutions put an end to double data entry, saving you valuable time and money. All our e-commerce integration apps for Business Central are available as a free trial on Microsoft AppSource.

15+ Years of experience

350+ Projects

300+ Customers

Worldwide available

Save time and money: Integrate your Magento webshop into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Explore all the benefits of single data entry with our standardised integration e-commerce solution: Magento Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Download a trial version in Microsoft AppSource.

Connect your Adobe Commerce webshop to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Discover all the benefits of single data entry with our standardised integration e-commerce solution: Adobe Commerce Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Download a trial version in Microsoft AppSource.

The most advanced way to integrate your Shopware webshop into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Explore all the benefits of having your customers, products, inventory and orders fully synchronised with our Shopware connector.

Download a trial version in Microsoft AppSource.

Let’s seamlessly connect your WooCommerce webshop with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. WooCommerce is the best E-commerce plugin for WordPress. Our integration solution: WooCommerce Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central makes it even better!

Download a trial version in Microsoft AppSource.

Our Shopify Connector, available for all Shopify versions, allows you to integrate all common e-commerce entities into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Benefit from seamless integration between Shopify and BC through our standardized integration solutions.

Download a trial version in Microsoft AppSource.

All of your FBA and FBM Amazon orders automatically downloaded into Business Central with fulfilment updates?

No problem with the Tinx Amazon Connector!

Besides webshop integrations, we can now offer to all our customers several marketplace integrations with the Tinx ChannelEngine Connector. Publish your items to any market place you want: Amazon, Bol.com, Zalando, Ebay and much more, start selling all over the world!

Download a trial version in Microsoft AppSource.

Together with our partner CloudSuite, we have developed a standard integration connector in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for CloudSuite. Please view our CloudSuite connector page for more information.

Download a trial version in Microsoft AppSource.

Our Mplus POS Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) enables you to interact with all of the day-to-day activities in a physical store. Synchronize your products, inventory, inventory adjustments, customers and cash receipts.

Download a trial version in Microsoft AppSource.

Why Tinx-IT?
Trusted advisor in integrating your e-commerce platform into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Your guide in digital transformation!

This means that we provide advice on e-commerce projects, and develop and implement standard software solutions to help you create efficiency and achieve business results.

What our customers and partners say

Upgrade BC13 to BC20

“We did an upgrade this year, BC13 to BC20, and had good contact with our consultant, who also had a great understanding of both BC and Magento 2. We succeeded in upgrading without any major hick-ups.”

Wouter van de Castel, Business Process Manager LFE

Flexible solution for Shopify-Shop

“A good and flexible solution for the connection between Business Central and Shopify. Has met all our requirements so far, and we will surely have a few more in the future.”


Good & Flexible Shopware Connector

“We looked for a flexible connector that fits on the one hand to a Shopware-system but is also able to handle custom fields and developments on the other hand. With this connector, we found a good solution, and with the consultants and developers from Tinx, we were able to introduce it fast and always corresponding to our dynamic needs.”


Great BC connector

“Totally satisfied with the Tinx Connector. Highly recommendable.”

Gerd von der Lage, CEO Trobolo

Our #1 integration solution between BC and Magento

“We’ve been using the Tinx-IT connector for our customers since 2014. It allows us to synchronize the standard APIs as well as custom APIs used by third-party modules. We enjoy the speed of implementation, and our customers enjoy being able to modify their mappings by themselves easily when their project is live. We recommend :)”

Florian Schmitt, E-commerce Director and Architect for ERA Consulting Group

Flexible solution for B2B Magento 2 - Business Central integration

“We have been using the Tinx connector for one of our clients for half a year, and we are very pleased with how flexible and adaptive the solution is and how service-minded the people at Tinx-IT are. They are solution-oriented and offer advice to optimize the flow, even outside their area of the connector.”

Aina Lindblom Web & Graphic Designer at Formasjon

Very flexible Shopify Connector

“We have a very complex international setup and multiple VAT accounts. Hence, various customer templates were needed based on the shipping address. This was the only APP which gave us the required flexibility to adjust the in and outbound messages between BC and Shopify. Also, a great team which understands the Swiss and EU tax rules.”


WooCommerce Connector

“The Tinx- IT team helped us to connect our website to our ERP system. No small feat, that is for sure. It works perfectly, and the support to get us here was fantastic. Thank you to Sam and Rene!”

Barb Heath Customer Experience Manager at Uriel Pharmacy

Shopify Connector works perfectly with on-prem

“The connector works very fluently with on-prem version of BC. No problems with it so far.”


Reliable connector!

“Robust connector to integrate Shopify to Business Central. Quite quick and easy to install, offering a lot of possibilities and solutions for company-specific issues. Support from the Tinx-IT team works great as well!”

Krister Wihinen CFO at Puhdistamo

Great teamwork and very professional company

“With the great help of Tinx, we have been able to connect all of our Woocommerce webshops with Business Central and synchronize every order the way we wanted. The team from Tinx has been very helpful and professional from the beginning, and even with a tight schedule, we managed to Go Live on the day preferred. Some small issues occurred on the Go Live day, but Tinx was very helpful and responded fast – they even worked at the weekends to finish the setup! I can definitely recommend Tinx to every company that likes to have an effective business partner helping with growing their company. You are in very safe hands with Tinx.”

Martin Petersen Business Development Manager at WoodUpp

Business Central - Magento solution for Bunzlau Castle

“We have launched our new Magento 2 website starting in 4 languages and with more than 5000 SKU. As a brand, we both supply B2B and B2C and have a warehouse with many transactions each day. The Tinx Magento 2 Connector helps us to push products to Magento and pulls orders back to BC. We launched the connector with the support of Kasper, and everything was within time and budget realised. Great support and enthusiastic team.”

Rick Harink Head of Sales & Operations Clip Quality brands

Exactly what we were looking for!

“The TinX-IT connector works perfectly to connect our Shopify stores with Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC. We initially under-estimated how complex this task is since we have different sales tax setups between our US store and our EU store but with the connector, we are able to easily manage the different scenarios. The support team has been amazing and they kept fine-tuning all the conditions and actions until it was perfect. I’m very happy with the connector and I can highly recommend it!”

Fabian Kaempfer Project Manager Eleven Australia Europe

A perfect solution for MagentoBusiness Central integration

“We have happily used Tinx-IT for a number of years now and more recently to move our intergration from Navision 2009 to Dynamics 365 Business Central. They always listen to our requirements, offer any advice where needed and provide us with the solution we require to help our company run more efficiently. I would therefore definitely recommend their services to anyone looking for Magento integration.”

Simon Luxford Finance Director LC Designs.Co.Ltd

Seamless and user-friendly integration between Business Central and WooCommerce

“Our customer uses WooCommerce for selling different kinds of books and publications. All web orders are created automatically in Business Central, and the customers are matched by e-mail. New customers and products are easily created in the WooCommerce webshop directly from Business Central. When the sales order is handled in Business Central the order status is automatically updated in WooCommerce. During the implementation, we have had a great collaboration with Tinx-IT, who has been most helpful.”

Jens Østergaard COO at ComputerCamp A/S

Implementation of WooCommerce connector

“Well written code with comprehensive help so it was an easy implementation.”

Mike Ferragamo Vice President Sales at Harwood Consulting, Inc.

Tinx WooCommerce connector works great!

“Our client – a startup – launched their WooCommerce webshop this month. The orders from the webshop are automatically created in Business Central without any problems. The necessary settings of the connector to import the items created in Business Central into WooCommerce, to automatically create the WooCommerce orders in Business Central and to update the order status in WooCommerce were mostly already implemented after installing the app. Only a few more changes were necessary. Our customer is absolutely satisfied. Tinx-IT was always available for us when we had questions.”

Andrea Meyer Head of Finance at Blue Ocean Business Software GmbH

The WooCommerce connector works great

“All Business Central environments connected to WooCommerce through the connector are working well. All orders and products are automatically synchronized. The support service is reliable and fast.”

Nicola Casamassima Manager Dynamics365 at Logol

Shopify connector: A time saver extension

“Quick to install and to setup, this apps makes integration with Shopify easy. First class support from the Tinx-it Team is also very helpful.”

Etienne Le Neveu NAV/Business Central Presales & Solution Manager At Isatech

Shopify connector: Very intuitive installation and the installation process is extensively documented

“We have tried various AppSource alternatives and have decided to go ahead with this option. We have tried to contact the manufacturer to resolve a couple of doubts and we are surprised to see on the manufacturer’s website that there is no partner in Spain. We have put a query to the company. Let’s see how long you can answer us. So far so good!!!.”

Jesus Trejo Director of IT at Exim Business Global SL

Magento connector: Flexible connector easy to scale up

“We reach out to Tinx-IT when we moved from Dynamics to Business central cloud. At first, we integrated just the basics like Sales orders and Customers. The price for that was very reasonable and it is easy and cost-effective to add on to fully integrate more complex tasks like configurable products, variants, bundles, multistore and so on. I can recommend this app to others, it’s really flexible to adjust to fit your own needs. The support answers quickly if there are any problems. CEO Gordon Liljegren www.nordiskarum.se Sweden.”

Gordon Liljegren Owner Nordiska RUM

Magento connector: Flexible for scale and adaptable to business needs

“We have had a long standing relationship with Tinx-IT since 2013 and have used the connector in Nav 2013, Nav 2016 and now Business Central with our Magento 1 and now 2 instance. We have multiple websites, multiple inventory sources and many customisations. Tinx has been able to modify and adapt the solution to meet our businesses ever changing needs. It is a cost effective solution that is not complex to implement and the team are very knowledgeable and helpful.”

Vicki Brownrigg General Manager Operations & IT at Shortys Liquor

Magento <-> Business central efficiency

“We have been using the Tinx-IT connector for many years. Since Navision 2009/2015 we used to link it to our Magento 1 webshop. With the switch to business central and Adobe/Magento Commerce cloud, we have grown along with the TinxIT solutions to let these packages talk to each other in order to work as efficiently as possible.”

Hans Werps Producer at colorFabb
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