Osaka implements Shopify E-Commerce with Tinx Connector

Osaka World was founded in 2011 with the commitment to fuse hockey heritage with lifestyle. They quickly grew from an unknown brand to a respected leading lifestyle brand in the hockey community. Today Osaka is represented in the important hockey countries around the world.

In september 2019 Osaka launched their new webshop based on Shopify E-Commerce. The Tinx E-Commerce Connector is responsible for all the data integration between Shopify and the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Osaka is using the Item and Item Variant structure. This means an item is available in more than 1 dimension like color or size. An item is published from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Shopify with all attached Item Variants, in Shopify this will become a product with several variations.

Order import is fully integrated with the IT Suits Fashion style matrix. Each Shopify web order will arrive in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and is validated against the style matrix for the Item variants. New web customers in Shopify will get their own customer account in Microsoft Dynamic 365. Based on Customer Templates essential fields for the customer will be populated like Gen. Bus. Posting Group, Customer Price Group etc.


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Osaka has moved from the Sana platform to the Shopify E-Commerce platform. One of the reasons to reconsider the e-commerce platform was: the user interface of the frontend and the ease of the connection with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central due to the Tinx E-Commerce Connector. Another reason is the flexibility to start new webshops. In phase 2 another 2 websites will be launched for the USA and UK market. These 2 websites will also be maintained from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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