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Clip Quality Brands

"Our biggest win is that your connector works stably; this is truly the most crucial aspect."

ERP System: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS
E-commerce Platform: Magento Open Source

Clip Quality Brands is a family-owned business known for creating atmosphere and ambience in home and bathroom settings. By selling high-end tableware, textiles, and paint products online, Clip has grown into a global quality player where both B2B and B2C customers have been ordering their products with pleasure for many years.

Rick Harink, E-commerce & Operations Manager at Clip, shares his experience with digitizing business processes in combination with our Magento connector.

Challenges for Integration between Business Central & Magento

“There were quite a few challenges. Before we engaged with Tinx, we had partnered with a total of 2 companies, and one of them could never establish a connection. Through the other party, we connected Business Central to WooCommerce. The challenge there was that the connector frequently crashed. Particularly, the part related to stock to the webshop had glitches. As a result, the inventory was not always updated. Additionally, there was no customer support, and during times when there were issues, we couldn’t reach anyone. We were already digitized but working with the wrong partners who did not fulfil their commitments.”

Introduction: Clip Quality Brands & Rick Harink

“My name is Rick Harink, formerly Head of Sales and Operations, and currently E-commerce & Operations Manager at Clip, where I have been working for 8 years. I started as an intern, and after completing my business administration studies, I joined the company. My focus is on innovation, digitization, and optimizing sales-related business processes. Although I don’t directly hold a sales role, I contribute to projects such as the development of a dealer portal, our webshops, and the implementation of new systems. I act as the intermediary ‘middleman’ and strive for efficiency in our processes to serve customers optimally.”

“Clip BV is a family-owned business founded by Henk and Tet, now led by Björn and Ruchama Bakker. Originally, we were a B2B wholesaler, but now our focus is on our own brand, Bunzlau Castle, a European-produced tableware brand that is expanding into the home and bathroom as well. We emphasize quality and European production, avoiding the trend toward low-wage countries. Nowadays, we also focus on sustainability and craftsmanship. Our products are primarily found in high-end retailers.

In 2016, we shifted our focus to B2C sales. Our new Magento webshop, launched in 2022, is available in 4 languages. In addition to Bunzlau Castle, we distribute two English brands: Annie Sloan paint and Denby tableware. Despite our modest size, we operate efficiently and surround ourselves with reliable partners, including IT experts.”

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Bunzlau Castle 4 Bunzlau Castle

Online Sales & Physical Stores

“95% of our orders come in digitally, both B2B and B2C. In addition to this digital aspect, we have a Cash and Carry with a showroom in our open warehouse where customers can view and purchase products directly. This combines shopping with our logistics process, a unique concept. Despite the challenges of digitalization, we ensure that customers experience both the showroom and the warehouse.

All our employees, including warehouse staff, are also ambassadors who are knowledgeable about our collection and can assist customers. Our building is transparent with glass walls, contributing to team spirit. This atmosphere results in long-lasting customer relationships, such as retailers who have been working with us for 20 years.”

Clip’s Objectives

“For our Bunzlau Castle brand, we aim for greater visibility with B2C customers, with growth ambitions in Germany, France, and the US. These markets offer opportunities due to the appreciation for the sturdiness, handmade quality, and aesthetics of our products, justifying prices like €18 for a mug and around €45 for a dinner plate. In addition to the kitchen, we want to position our brand in the living room and bathroom.”

First Introduction of Clip BV to Tinx

“We came to you through our ERP partner ABC-E-business. Your professionalism and reliability immediately appealed to us. After an effective sales process and 2 scoping sessions, we arrived at a specific wish list. In collaboration with our e-commerce partner Mooore, we saw your expertise. Your solid team and experience since 2012 with more than 300 customers confirmed to us that we were dealing with professionals.”

Integration needs between Magento & Business Central

“We were already using Business Central and decided to go for a new Magento webshop that needed to integrate with BC. Our choice for Magento arose from the inefficient management of our WooCommerce websites in 3 languages. With 7000 items, each product management had to be done 3 times, which was error-prone. We wanted a central product information management (PIM). Now, our product flow goes from BC to Magento through your connector, where the PIM enriches the product and sends it back to Magento. This significantly accelerates product management. Although WooCommerce has its advantages, Magento is better suited for our growth and technical ambitions.”

"We now have much more peace in the organization."

Rick Harink, E-commerce & Operations Manager at Clip BV

Data Flows of the Tinx Connector

“We send basic product information, prices, and inventory from BC to Magento. Webshop orders from Magento are received in BC.”

“We use standard customer templates for each European country and one for countries outside Europe, rather than unique customer registrations. Since we do not send direct marketing to customers from BC, this does not provide added value for us at the moment.”

Experience & Benefits of Tinx Connector

“Our main gain with the Tinx Connector is stability. Accurate inventory representation is crucial for us. Thanks to the connector, the inventories are correct, and webshop orders arrive correctly. This provides peace of mind to our team, which primarily consists of non-IT specialists.

Incorrect inventory indications cause significant problems. A non-deliverable order costs us about 30 minutes of extra work: warehouse delays, customer service contacts, potential cancellations, and product returns in the warehouse. Incorrect inventory can lead to negative customer experiences, such as missed birthday gifts, resulting in poor reviews.

Given that our B2B orders and inventory flow from the same warehouse, it is essential that a B2B order in Business Central immediately updates the inventory in the Magento webshop. Especially during peak periods like Christmas, this must work flawlessly. Every incomplete order due to incorrect inventory takes a lot of time. So, the stable operation of the connector and accurate inventory are our biggest gains.”

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Overall Project Experience

“What I’ve heard a lot around me is that in companies involved in an e-commerce project, it often exceeds the original schedule. This can have various reasons. We worked the entire project with a dedicated sprint team. Internally, we had 2 people, externally our regular e-commerce partner Moore, and Tinx, for the connector. This kept us within budget and also on time. That is quite unique and impressive!”

Solution Provided

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