What are the phases in a Tinx project?

All the integration work we do for our customers are done as projects. Several parties are involved during the project: the end-user (customer), Dynamics partner and E-commerce partner, making the project as a team effort.

Tinx will always assign 1 dedicated implementation consultant to your project.

General project steps:

  1. Tinx sends a quote to the customer based on the presales scope
  2. Customer signs the quote
  3. Tinx Consultant contacts the key users of the project and sends project system requirements
  4. <X number of weeks determined in advance until the project starts>
  5. Project starts with 1 to 2 workshops to define the scope in detail
  6. Tinx Consultant(s) implement the Tinx E-commerce solution based on the updated detailed scope
  7. After implementation, key users receive training
  8. Testing phase
  9. User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  10. Integration goes live
  11. First weeks after go-live: post-implementation support by Tinx Consultant
  12. After the ‘post-implementation’ period, the customer is transitioned to the Tinx Support Desk team
  13. Project evaluation

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